Zelda Tears of the Kingdom TOTK: how to get use Zonaite?

Zonaite energy plays a vital role in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom TOTK. In this article, we give steps you need to take to harvest Zonaite ores and exchange them to Crystallized Charges to improve your energy abilities.

Zonaite Energy Crystals are essential for creating Energy (Battery) Cells. To get some, you'll first need to harvest Zonaite, a valuable ore found deep within TOTK. To find it, explore the caves but especially the underground area, where it is often located near rock formations and veins. You will even get some by eliminating opponents who are in the depths.


Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom, TOTK: How To, Zonaite

Once you have collected enough Zonaite ores, you can exchange them for Crystallized Charges. To do this, go to a Forge Construct.  


You can exchange 3 units of Zonaite ores for a Crystallized Charges at a forge construct. You can also exchange them for Zonai charges and large Zonai charges. Finally, after clearing the stock of the Forge Construct, you can come back later to buy new crystals.


For information, each Energy cell requires 100 Crystallized Charges. Extra Energy cells increase your character's energy capacity, allowing you to use Zonaite longer.