Zelda TOTK: how to stay warm, survive the cold?

In Zelda Tears of the kingdom (TOTK), you’ll encounter different types of weather conditions and each one offers its own challenges. To survive in the coldest areas of the game, you will need a cold resistance outfit or consume food that gives you a buff to resist the cold.


How to get cold resistance outfit / armor and stay warm in Zelda TOTK?


There are several pieces of cold resistance gear in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that you can acquire in different ways:


Ruby Circlet


First, the Ruby Circlet, which provides 3 defense and cold protection. You can buy it from a merchant in the Gerudo Desert for 1300 rupees. This high value item will not only add cold weather protection to your inventory but also add an element of style to your avatar.


Vah Medoh Divine Helm


Next is the Vah Medoh Divine Helm, which provides 2 defense and cold protection. This item is a little harder to obtain, as you need to use the Revali (Breath of the Wild) amiibo to get it. It's a valuable addition to your cold resistance armor, as it offers considerable protection despite its relatively low defense.

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Snowquill Tunic


The Snowquill Tunic is another key element to survive the cold in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. With a defense of 3 and cold protection, it can be purchased for 500 rupees from a merchant in Rito Village.


Archaic Warm Greaves


Finally, the Archaic Warm Greaves are another option to complete your cold resistance outfit. They offer protection against the cold. These Greaves can be found in a chest on the Sky Island after you complete the Gutanbac Shrine.