AEW Fight Forever: things to know before buying AEWFF

By moving away from the realism of previous WWE titles, AEW Fight Forever (AEWFF) offers a novel perspective on wrestling video games. This game aims to replicate the arcade-style gameplay of WWE No Mercy.


The colorful mini-games and stunning weapons, such as rideable skateboards and Molotov cocktails are things that make AEWFF stand out. The game brings a distinct and brutal experience. This game doesn't hold back when it comes to brutality. There have been numerous bloody scenes in the ring. This game may be ideal for you if you enjoy the more brutal aspects of wrestling, but it may not be appealing to those who prefer more realistic experiences due to the level of brutality.


Let's discuss about the career mode called Road to Elite, which is the lifeblood of AEWFF. What distinguishes it from other story modes is the branching plot that responds to your wins and defeats. It draws inspiration from No Mercy's story mode. This is a game-changer because it ads replay value and exposes us to the unpredictable nature of wrestling. Finding new story lines keeps things interesting and reminds us that not every wrestler is invisible.


There are many customization possibilities available in AEWFF. You can design your own wrestler, alter their moves, choose their entrance team, and even choose the arenas in which they compete. These creations can be utilized in offline exhibition matches and online multiplayer battles, which is a great way to add your own unique touch to the game. So, in addition to playing as your favorite professional wrestlers, you may also play the role of your very own ring warrior and live out your aspirations of being a wrestler.


AEW Fight Forever, Things To Know, Before Buying, AEWFF
You can decide how to use your time effectively between games to upgrade your character. You can work out in the gym to gain skill points, participate in press conferences to boost energy and momentum, play minigames to earn cash and skill points, grab a bite to eat or maybe go sightseeing. These kinds of small details add depth to the overall experience


The AEWFF's exhibition matches offer something for everyone, from traditional singles matches to intense hard-core fights like the infamous Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch, plus they even feature inter-gender matches. So you can witness dream matchups between your favorite all-elite wrestling superstars.


This game offers both offline and online multiplayer experience. You can challenge people from all around the world online or gather your friends for heated local four-player matches. If you feel like engaging in some Tag Team matches, you and a friend can team up and dominate the competition together.


To sum up, AEWFF is a powerful game thanks to its classic gameplay, branching storylines, and a wide range of personalization choices. While it might not be everyone's cup of tea, it's a breath of new air for wrestling game lovers who seek the arcade style experience.