Aliens Dark Descent ADD beginner's guide, getting started tips

In The Aliens Dark Descent (ADD), you take control of a team of up to five colonial Marines who each have their own special abilities and benefits as you navigate the creepy areas of Planet Lethe.

In the game, your team responds swiftly to your commands and proceeds as a unified unit. Whether it is strategically firing Precision Shots or taking cover for defense while using Suppressive Fire to repel attacks.

Be aware, the Xenomorph animals aren't the only foes you'll face in this game. From the legendary Facehuggers to the Praetorians, Alien Queens and all of the classic alien foes are thrown at you. Also, keep an eye out for the dreadful humanoids and Xenomorph DNA. Your squad adjusts and reacts depending on their equipment attributes and positioning. 

Each Marine in Dark Descent experiences stress differently and stress is a constant aspect throughout the game. Your squad members may have negative effects as tension builds, such as decreased accuracy or a fear-induced reluctance to engage in battle.

It becomes essential to practice active stress management to keep your team in top form. You can use a variety of strategies to reduce stress, including Health Kits, Reprimands, and the creation of Sanctuaries by welding doors shut. However, keep in mind that each choice has a price because resources are scarce, so you'll also need to make difficult decisions.

In Dark Descent, each mission has both primary and secondary objectives set within expansive persistent levels. Your choices have an effect as opening new paths, welding doors and unlocking landing last carry over when you revisit.

The motion tracker helps you to spot enemies, allowing you to prepare for Xenomorph confrontations.

Aliens Dark Descent, ADD, Beginner's Guide, Getting Started Tips

When a battle arises, your unit is prepared to fight back alongside their standard arsenal.

Your squad members have a variety of powerful abilities, like the ability to lob grenades, drop flares, or unleash devastating shotgun blasts in close battle. Despite being powerful, these abilities demand careful management of ability points. Time slows down when you use them but hitting moving targets still requires demands precision. Using these abilities at the correct times will help you win the combat. 

In the Dark Descent, death is inevitable, so if a squad member dies, he is gone forever. You'll need to train a replacement. You can order squad members to carry fallen colleagues, ensuring a chance of withdrawal without losing important team members.

Resource management is important in the Dark Descent. You'll need to upgrade your home base Otago to stop the virus from spreading beyond Moon Lethe. Between missions, you can equip, upgrade, and compose your team to optimize their capabilities. 

It's important to provide the proper gear for your Marines. Each Marine is capable of using a primary, secondary, and special weapon. The special weapon slot has a wide range of effective weapons, including sniper rifles, incineration units, RPG launchers and the powerful APC, which can mow down Xenomorphs while moving your team between areas.