Final Fantasy FF16: how to unlock Garuda, best ability

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) is the most recent entry in the action/adventure series, features a dark fantasy setting. You will take on the role of Clive, a noble Prince who must stop a terrible tragedy from befalling the realm.


Primals are highly powerful summons that play a significant role in Final Fantasy games. You can acquire their abilities at various points during your journey in FF16. In this article, you’ll learn how to unlock or summon Primal Garuda and his best ability that Clive can use.

How to get Garuda's abilities?

As we mentioned earlier, Primals are unique in this game, unlike previous FF games, these Primals are held by Eikons, allowing them to use a part of their ability. Each Eikon can also turn into a Primal. Clive is able to absorb their abilities and use them when ever he wants, however, he cannot use their true form.


Garuda, the Primal of the Wind with harpy-like features, is held by Benedikta Harman. She is one of the primals that Clive will encounter on his journey.


How to unlock it?


You will confront each Primal during your adventure, for Garuda you will get it after defeating Benedikta.


Garuda's best ability / skills, which one to choose?


In FF16, you can unlock and master a wide range of abilities for Clive. Some of these abilities or skills prove to be better than others. Clive is a great warrior, but he may improve his ability even more by discovering and mastering new primal abilities. This is especially true with Garuda's abilities.


If you're new to FF16, you might be wondering which ability to master. Here, we are going to show you the Garuda abilities and how to use them.


Each Primal in Final Fantasy 16 gives Clive one base ability in addition to four extra abilities. Only two of the other four abilities can be equipped and exchanged at any time, but the base ability is always equipped when you equip a Primal. These are the abilities that Garuda can use:


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Deadly Embrace


The basic ability of Garuda is quite interesting because it has several features. It enables you to draw an enemy toward you, which is very intriguing while facing flying enemies. You can approach large enemies and launch yourself into the air using it. You can also use this method to dodge attacks. When an enemy's Will Gauge approaches half, you can use the Deadly Embrace to temporarily destabilize them.


Rook’s Gambit


Rook’s Gambit gives you a defensive option. Dodging is already effective in FF16, but this move amps it up. When you use this move, Clive jumps back and deflects any blows that might have otherwise hit him. The hit will be countered by Clive with a two-hit combo if it deflects an attack (or a spin attack if upgraded).  Clive will advance with a single hit even if no attack is dodged hit (two hits if upgraded). For veterans, this ability could be Garuda's strongest one.


Wicked Wheel


Wicked Wheel is arguably the most intriguing ability that Garuda use. With this ability, Clive can spin and launch adversaries into the air while using Garuda's claws. It's a great asset to start aerial combos. However, this ability is less effective against large, immovable bosses or heavy opponents.




Gouge gives Clive the ability to use Garuda's claws to launch a series of successive attacks. Despite the weakness of hit, they are all delivered quickly, especially when buffed. You can keep pressing Square for an even longer combo. This is fantastic against FF16 enemies whose Will has been destroyed because every strike gradually raises the damage multiplier. An effective strategy is to launch this attack as soon as the enemy is weakened, and then switch to a primal with high damage abilities, such as Phoenix or Titan.


Aerial Blast


This is Garuda's ultimate ability. She has great single-target and multi-target power if upgraded. However, its primary drawback is that when it is active, you cannot see anything. We recommend it in two circumstances: when a boss is unstable to deal continual damage and raise the damage multiplier, or against a bunch of enemies to group them in this tornado. In this last situation, due to the tornado, they will be in the air and moving in a circle constantly, making it difficult to reach them. This is why we do not recommend this technique.


What Ability should you prioritize or use?


Your decision between these abilities should be dependent on your preferred playstyle. We recommend taking Wicked Wheel to perform aerial combos. You can pair this skill with Rook’s Gambit if you're comfortable using it to dodge hits. Otherwise, you can very well take Gouge in order to chain the damage in single target against a weakened enemy.