Arena League of Legends (LoL) beginner's guide

League of Legends (LoL) introduced a new mode called Arena 2v2. In this mode, a lot depends on your playstyle, the composition of your team, and the choices you make when buying items and Augments. Here are some useful tips to progress fast in Arena game mode. 

- Build your duo: Try to bring different elements, vary up your damage, and make up for the shortcomings of your teammates. For instance, a Bruiser with just one support can be intriguing and provide him more choices, yet a Bruiser with two supports can quickly become constrained. 

- Don't buy your default items: Consider the situation you're in and the enemies you're up against when itemizing. Some of your items won't be too helpful if you're on auto mode.

- Do not hesitate to resell your items: You'll have a considerable amount of gold and experience at the end of the game, so it's important to tailor your strategy for the final duo you'll encounter.

- Tailor your Augments to your character, your teammate, and your opponents. Just like with itemization, think carefully about the key Augments for your character as well as any that might be able to neutralize rival characters or help your partner.

- Potions are the key to combat: In most cases, if you won, you would have 700 gold, which you could not use to purchase anything during the buying phase. However, you can buy combat potions which are particularly powerful so buy them all.

- Play around your character's strengths: In this mode, you must play strategically based on your match-ups rather than simply "running toward the enemies and fighting." It's also important to know how to move around the map to best use your character and that of your teammate.

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- Use plants. The green healing plants are the most important ones in the Arena, but there are also explosive plants that may be useful for moving around or moving allies. Each auto-attack placed on these plants heals you, gives you a shield and your skill recovery time is sped up. These are key objectives, you should not underestimate them.

- Feel free to roll your Augments: You have two rolls to be able to change the choice of Augments.

- Models can help you: After you finish shopping, dummies can be a way to level up your Fury or even to collect a lot of certain items, like Heartsteel. These interactions could be modified.

- Anticipate the next opponent: You can see who your next opponent is by looking at the timeline at the top of your screen. Find out a strategy to adopt and modify your item purchases accordingly if necessary.

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