Madden NFL 24: how to perform a celebration?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to perform a celebration or showboat in Madden NFL 24. In the latest installment, you’ll find a lot of new celebrations including some signature celebrations for a several icon players.


First, you have to score a touchdown


1. Flex - Right stick left

2. Dance - Right stick up

3. Spike or crowd celebration - Right stick right

4. Signature, Swagger or Team celebration - Right stick down


Showboat - Controller buttons:


Xbox: LT + RT + A

PlayStation: L2 + R2 + X




These players can perform Griddy by selecting Signature celebration 


Justin Jefferson

Ja’Marr Chase

D.J. Chark


The Waddle - Jaylen Waddle's signature touchdown celebration

Meditation celebration - Kyler Murrays’ signature touchdown celebration

Madden NFL 24, How To, Celebration Guide


Michael Thomas has several different flexes - You can perform this just by selecting Flex celebration as mentioned above.

Discount Double Check - A-Rod’s signature celebration

Kodak Bop - Lamar Jackson’s signature celebration

Wipes down the Jersey - Patrick Mahomes’ signature celebration

Wave Arms - Travis Kelces’ signature celebration - to perform his signature celebration, you have to hold LT+RT+A (Xbox), L2+R2+X (PS) as mentioned above.

Bow and Arrow Shooting - Brandin Cooks’ signature celebration

Feed Me - Ezekiel Elliott’s signature celebration