How to save iPhone 15 battery health and fix drain issues?

Battery health issues are common complaints among iPhone users so here are some quick tips to help prevent your iPhone 15, Plus, Pro, Pro Max from dying too fast. 

First of all make sure that your brand new iPhone 15’s Battery Max Capacity is 100%. To find this feature: go to settings - scroll down - tap battery - tap Battery Health and Charging 

Activate Battery Percentage Meter or Indicator: go to settings - scroll down - tap battery - tap Battery Percentage option


How Charging Optimization feature works in iPhone 15? - To get to this feature go to settings - scroll down - tap battery - tap Battery Health and Charging - tap Charging Optimization. By default it is set to Optimize Battery Charging. You can turn off this feature by pressing None, this will increase the charging speed for your iPhone 15 but the battery life is going to degrade faster. You can set it to 80% to prolong your iPhone 15 battery life as long as possible. It will never charge your battery above 80%.       

How to Save, iPhone 15. Battery Health, Fix Battery Drain

How to automatically turn on the power saving mode? To activate this feature go to All Shortcuts tab - tap Automation - tap New Automation - scroll down - tap Battery Level – you can adjust the slider to any percentage you want. You may also set the condition if the battery level falls below the set percentage then you can select either running immediately or running after confirmation. 

Next go to the search bar at the bottom and type Low Power Mode. Tap Set Low Power Mode from the search results then turn Low Power Mode on. You can also have Low Power Mode deactivate when the battery level rises above a certain percentage.

You can also save some iPhone 15 battery life by turning off Location Services for certain apps. To do this Go to Settings - Privacy and Security - Location Services then from the listed Apps select the ones that needed have access to your location.