MW3: unlock and use Platinum Camos and Tactical Insertion

In Modern Warfare 3, you can complete various challenges, some of which concern new weapons. These equipment challenges allow you to unlock camos and tactical insert weapons, some players are wondering how to get and use them in MW3.

How to unlock platinum camo in Modern Warfare 3?

Here's what you need to do if you want to unlock your weapon's platinum camo:

- Unlock the gold camo: to do this, finish all other camo challenges and use the chosen weapon to score three kills without dying 10 times.

- Finish every gold camo challenges for the weapon category that corresponds to the one you are using.

- Finish the Platinum Challenge by getting 25 long-range kills with the weapon you are using.

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How to unlock and use tactical insertion in Modern Warfare 3?

In order to unlock tactical insertion in MW3, you need to reach level 45 and once you do, it appears as a combat upgrade. 

To use it, just hit the X key on your PC keyboard or, depending on your controller, LB + RB / L1 + R1. When the opponents eliminate you, you will instantly reappear where it is after being eliminated by the opponents. Equipment is particularly valuable in game modes like Strategic Point, but you cannot use it in solo modes.

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