Get all six Time Powers, their effects in PoP: The Lost Crown

In Prince of Persia (PoP): The Lost Crown, you will be able to unlock six temporal powers, and each one opens you new areas and ways to take down tough opponents. How can you unlock these powers and what effects do they have? In this tutorial, we cover everything you need to know.


In The Lost Crown, the six Time Powers are necessary to advance and explore. Sargon, the main character, gains special skills from each of them, which must be acquired by completing main mission.

The six time powers that you will find in The Lost Crown are listed as follows:

Dimensional Claw: This enables Sargon to hit or trap something, making it a tactical advantage over strong opponents. You can get this after beating Kiana in Hyracian Forest.

Shadow of Simurgh: With the ability to score a point and swiftly return to it, Sargon can surprise opponents and evade attacks thanks to this power. You can unlock this during the Main Mission The Tiger and the Rat.

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Simurgh Rush: This enables Sargon to swiftly advance or retreat, very helpful to prevent falls during combat. You can unlock this during the main mission The Abducted Prince. 

Clairvoyance: This allows Sargon to see invisible adversaries as well as elements from another dimension, such as platforms and bells. You can unlock this power in the Sacred Archives during the Main mission Paths To The Eternal Sand

Gravity Wings: With this power, Sargon can jump high into the air, clearing barriers and dodging powerful foes. You can get this power after defeating Azdaha.

Fabric of Time: This power allows Sargon to lift himself into the air and grasp faraway objects, useful in aerial battle to minimize the distance to the enemy. This will be accessible following Varham's defeat.