FF7 Rebirth: bovine meat, monster flesh or greens which one?

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the quest "Dreaming Of Blue Skies" requires you to find food fit for a condor. You must choose between eating the bovine meat, the monster flesh, or the peculiar greens. We'll walk you through each of these alternatives' effects in this post.

The Dreaming Of Blue Skies

You can start this quest in the Crow's Nest on Condor Hill in the east of Junon. The members of the condor observation club send you on a search for suitable food for a condor in order to attract it for a nice photo. In the course of this you have to follow a monster with your Chocobo Belle into hell because it has stolen the food.

This quest begins in the Crow's Nest on Condor Hill, east of Junon. Your mission is to find food that condor will eat in order to draw its attention for a photo. This is because a monster has stolen the food, and you have to chase it with your Chocobo Belle. After you have defeated this monster, you can decide what meal to use as bait. You can choose from the peculiar greens, the monster flesh, or the bovine meat. Which is the better choice in this case?

FF7, Rebirth, Bovine Meat, Monster Flesh, Peculiar Greens

Choosing Bovine Meat

The best option is the Bovine Meat on the left. Choose it if you wish to finish the mission with the best possible result and accomplish the all-rounder quest easily.

If you bring the meat back there, the condor club will be able to take the picture. Besides, you will get a Well Composed Condor Photo, which you can see under your inventory. Also this is the ideal point in the quest to strengthen your relationship with Tifa.

Choosing Monster Flesh

Making this choice results in the quest being completed normally. Colin will make appropriate comments about your selection and raise some doubts about the meat's quality. If nothing more, a Nice Condor Photo will serve as a reminder in your inventory. Please be aware that you will not complete the all-rounder quest perfectly with this choice.

Choosing Peculiar Greens

This is the worst choice of all. You can't really excite the condor with the Peculiar Greens and all you end up with is a Blurry Condor Photo. Of course, there is no perfect all-rounder here either.

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