Get Warbond Battle Pass, Unlock MG-105 Stalwart: Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 offers you a huge number of weapons. In this post will explain how to unlock the M-105 Stalwart!

Helldivers 2 expands upon the ideas introduced in its predecessor, providing players with an exciting adventure through chaotic combat in a procedurally generated universe.

In this universe, players can use a variety of weaponry available to them to destroy their opponents. The list is extensive and includes assault rifles, shotguns, and support weapons.

How to unlock the M-105 Stalwart in Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, strategy is not the only factor that determines victory—the weapons at your disposal also play a crucial role. From flamethrowers to assault rifles, each weapon has a specific function in eliminating the alien threat. One of the game's notable weapons is the M-105 Stalwart, but how do you unlock it?

Warbond Battle Pass, Unlock, MG-105, Stalwart, Helldivers 2

To acquire the weapon, one must complete level 2 and spend 3,500 Warbonds to buy it straight from the store. This weapon's tremendous capacity makes it vital against big waves of inferior opponents. However, armored units deflect the M-105 Stalwart's projectiles and lessen the damage that is inflicted.

How to get the Warbond Battle Pass in Helldivers 2?

The initial step towards obtaining the Warbond Battle Pass is to navigating to the Acquisitions menu. The Warbond Battle Pass can then be bought straight from the interface. The latter will let you see the hundreds of benefits that are in store for you.

Your Helldivers 2 experience will be more intricate and customizable with each page promising new weapon skins, armor, and customization possibilities. Besides, the Warbond Battle offers you a ton of incentives for you to showcase your inventiveness.

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