Pokerogue controls - Pokémon Roguelite keyboard shortcuts

With its roguelite style and dynamic gameplay, Pokerogue completely reimagines the Pokémon experience. Unlike traditional Pokémon games, Pokerogue offers randomly created environments with a series of difficulties that must be overcome till victory.

This game mixes the intensity of roguelite with the nostalgia of Pokémon. It's a very clever concept. Pokerogue seems to be the perfect game right now for people searching for something different. Of course, it's a fan-made flash game. Although roguelite operation is well known, it is not very intuitive. Being a little lost at first is typical. You might be wondering what the controls, shortcuts, and keys are for this flash game. In this tutorial, we cover everything.

In Pokerogue, you will see trainer battles that are very similar to those in classic Pokémon games. In spite of everything, the game may not always be intuitive even for those familiar with Pokémon games.

Battles have the same turn-based structure as the Pokémon games, giving players the choice to attack, utilize items, switch Pokémon, or run away.

Pokerogue Controls, Pokémon Roguelite, Keyboard Shortcuts

Pokerogue keyboard shortcuts:

- ENTER, SPACE, or Z: Select the active option or advance through the dialogs.

- BACKSPACE or X: Cancel or refuse the active option.

- ESC or M: Open or close the game menu.

- +/-: Speed up or slow down the game.

Splash Screen Specific Controls

- ENTER: Start the adventure directly.

- A: Switch between glowing and normal sprites.

- F: Change the available shapes.

- G: Choose between different genres.

- E: Select from available capacities.

- N: Choose the nature of your Pokémon.

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