Best way to defeat champions in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

In this article, we'll go over what weapons, strategies, and techniques you need to use in order to defeat Barrier, Unstoppable and Champions in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (D2 TFS).

As the game progresses, a formidable enemy type known as Champions appears in some of the more difficult tasks. In D2 TFS, there are three primary types of Champions:


Barrier Champions will deploy a powerful shield that is impenetrable to ordinary weaponry. Unstoppable Champions will never stop charging at you, and Overload Champions will eventually move quickly and use multiple abilities.

It's quite hard to defeat any of these Champions unless you manage to stun them, Using weapons that have anti-champion perks is one way to achieve this. The artifact has many perks that can enable an entire weapon type to face these Champions. However, each weapon can only have one anti-Champion perk at a time. For instance, hand cannons can occasionally stun Champions, but only if you have unlocked this perk. Certain Exotics, like Wish-Ender with the anti-barrier perk, can actually counter Champions and in these situations, the artifact has no effect on these weapons.

Defeat Champions, Destiny 2, The Final Shape

A champion can be stunned by simply firing your unique anti-Champion weapon at them; as a result, they will get more damage and become immobile. Dealing as much damage as you can at that point is crucial because they won't remain stunned forever. Overload and Barrier champions will even start to regenerate their health once they have recovered from their stunned state if you are unable to defeat them in time. Using Finisher ability effectively is one way to achieve this. You may quickly take out any enemy with low health by using Finishers. So, this is an excellent technique to kill a champion before they have a chance to revive themselves.

In addition to weapons, certain abilities can also be used to counter these Champions. On your character screen, you can hover over the icons to see what can stun them. For instance, Unstoppable champions are effectively countered by the Arc Blind effect.