Heroes of Crown (HoC) Legends: reroll and optimize gameplay

In Heroes of Crown (HoC) Legends, you will be able to recruit units or characters that help you progress in the game quickly and some gamers wish to optimize their first draws. So in this article, we’ll show you how to reroll your characters.

If like some players, you wish to reroll your characters to get the best HoC Legends characters for a head start then there are two ways to do this. We will go over each of them in detail because one is a little quicker than the other, but it does require creating multiple email addresses. To use these two methods, you must obviously play a little longer in order to gain the ability to summon units.

Reroll with email

You will need to link an email address when you register for an account on Heroes of Crown Legends. For this reroll method, you need to create a new account each time with one of your email addresses and you can continue drawing until you have the characters you like. Although this method can be rather quick, it may require a number of email addresses.

Reroll with guest account

To use the second method, select Guest on the home screen to register for an account. Then, follow the instruction given below to create a new Guest account:

Heroes of Crown, HoC, Legends, Re-roll, Optimize Gameplay

Complete the tutorial

Make your summons

You can also go to chapter 2-2

As soon as it's done, quit the game and force quit

Then go to Settings on your smartphone

Find Applications and click on it

In Apps, search for Heroes of Crown Legends or Heroes of the Crown Legends

Click on it, then click Delete data and Clear cache

Now restart the game with a Guest account again, then repeat these steps until you have the characters you want

Lastly, keep in mind that even if you rerolled, the heroes you started with might not still be the best ones because the developers will probably make changes and possibly nerf your characters that you have favored.