Supervive minimum system requirements for open beta test

The latest Battle Royale game from Theorycraft Games, called Supervive, has been formally revealed! With its neon-apocalyptic setting and cutting-edge gameplay, this game—previously known as "Project Loki"— completely change the genre. 

In Supervive, players form groups of four and engage in combat across a vast aerial landscape. Being the final team standing while negotiating a play area that is getting smaller because of a terrible storm is the ultimate objective.

In addition to 4v4 deathmatches and duos, the game offers many other features. Though more are being developed for the formal launch, playtesting currently offers 15 combatants. Each hunter can acquire special abilities through in-game progress.

Supervive, Minimum System  Specs, Requirements, Open Beta Test

Supervive stands out features:

Game Modes: Ten teams each lobby in the main mode make up a total of forty players. Games run for about twenty minutes.

Unique Hunters: Each Hunter possesses four abilities, one passive, and one main shot. As the player advances, they become accessible.

Hunter Types: Each of the three primary archetypes—Fighters, Protectors, and Controllers—has distinct roles and abilities.

Map-Based Objectives and Storm Shifts: Random "storm shifts" that change game elements like bullet trains or itinerant storms can be added to any game.

Unique Powers: There are more than 50 different powers available, ranging from placeable fortifications to special abilities and passive benefits.  

The following minimum system requirements must be met in order to fully enjoy Supervive on PC:

CPU: Intel i5-4440 (3.1GHz) or AMD Ryzen 3 3100 (3.6GHz) - 4 physical cores

GPU: Geforce GTX 980ti or equivalent - DirectX 12 with Shader Model 6.6 support

Video Memory: 2GB VRAM


Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit build 1909.1350 or newer

Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

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