Once Human: crossplay, play with friends, server selection

We are already halfway through 2024 and we have already been treated to a number of highly anticipated titles as well as some pleasant surprises. One of the most highly anticipated games on Steam, Once Human, has already been launched in July. 

In case you are wondering if crossplay is available for Once Human, well, the answer is yes. We've been aware of this for a while now when it was revealed that players would be able to experience cross-play capabilities during the closed beta on April 3, 2024.

As a result, you will be able to play with your friends whether they are on PC or iOS mobiles or even Android mobiles. The game will also offer the much-loved cross-progression function. So, you may continue where you left off, regardless of the platform you want to use to play during the day.

Once Human, Crossplay, Guide, Play With Friends, Server Selection.

I'm sure most of you are looking to play with friends, but if so, you should know how Once Human configures their servers. Since this game has Servers and Worlds, the first thing you must do is selecting a server. Make sure you and your friends are on the same server in the same area.

You might begin playing in a different planet than your friend when you first join a server, but don't worry—you can easily switch between worlds once you're in the game. In order to switch worlds, you must first determine which world you and your friend are on. To accomplish this, look in the upper right corner of the game next to the world time and Ping if you're on a different world number than your friend. Even though you can't see each other, you can still play together if you go to the nearest teleportation tower in the game and use it to quickly travel to the same world as your friend.