Table of Contents

Chrysalis 1 - Welcome to Blackwell
Chrysalis 2 - The Campus
Chrysalis 3 - The Dorm
Chrysalis 4 - Chloe's house
Chrysalis 5 - Back at the lighthouse

**Walkthrough in progress**

Chrysalis # 1 - Welcome to Blackwell

In the first minutes of Life is Strange we learn about Max, the schoolgirl Blackwell Academy. Together with her, we experience a lesson and normal everyday life in school. However, all is not well with Max. She soon finds out that she has special abilities that she can manipulate time. Even now we must act quickly and save a classmate of the impending danger.

Chrysalis # 2 - The Campus

In the second episode of Life is Strange we try to rescue Chloe from her fate. We will not do anything else than reach the rector. Now is our first difficult decision. We tell the truth, or we remain silent? We also go to the campus of the Academy and familiarize ourselves with the students.

Chrysalis # 3 - The Dorm

Continue in the first episode of Life is Strange with the dormitory. But first we must find a way in, because Victoria is blocking the way. So manipulate the sprinkler system and the paint bucket and use Max abilities to get past. Then we solve another drama inside and grab us finally the USB flash drive to bring him to Warren.

Chrysalis # 4 - Chloe's house

In this episode of Life is Strange we arrive at Chloe's house and search for some tools for Max camera. We browse all rooms and encounter some mysterious things and secrets. Last time we solve the puzzles with the help of a box and grab us the tools on the dryer.

Chrysalis # 5 - Back at the lighthouse

The final episode of the first episode of Life is Strange brings us back to the lighthouse. But first we have to decide whether we want to help Chloe or rather protect ourselves. We also get a glimpse of the events that await us in the coming episodes.

on 1/30/15


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