Inazuma Eleven Go: Light Shirts, Lineups and Photos Locations

Here you will find all the important things (Collectibles / Unlockables) that you can find and collect in Inazuma Eleven Go - light

Note: Currently, the list is not complete, but is expanding every day.

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Locations of photos

Locations of Photos

Photos Locations
Achilles Glass Clan hiding in the back room of the Arcade
Almighty tag At the "rise" from the start point to the immediate left of the wall showing the sign
Old football Windsor: Room 004 (Arion's room)
In submerged coconut In the "water" area then start the next boardwalk from there down the stairs and then immediately right
Basketballs In the "Gymnasium" at Raimon Jr. High
Ab Trainer Windsor: Room 103 (pumpkins room)
Bed in the infirmary Main building: On the ground in the left room
Fountain Outside the main building of the Raimon above the training ground
Ice cream cone In the arcade at the counter
Extinguished Torch At the end of the left fork in the cave of "ice" area
Fifth Sector Monument The gold monument behind the 2 secretaries in the "Saints Way Stadium"
Fifth Sector carpet In the "Atrium" of Raimon Jr. High
Goddesses of Soccer At the "Waterfront: Station" middle of the road
Framed family photo Windsor: Room 101 (Chestnuts room)
Guitar Windsor: Room 106 (Guy Jeans room)
Gold Monument The gold monument behind the 2 secretaries in the "Zenith Tower"
Grafitti of Raimon Elf In the old "Raimon Clubhouse" in the back room
Claw crane In the "game room"
Hamburger Shield Start in "Neon" area and then at the top railing along
High diving boards At the Raimon Jr. High underneath the sports hall at the track
Japanese drum In the "Dojo" of Raimon Jr. High
Cockatoo Windsor: Room 102 (Hawks room)
Small boat Below the Riverside football field on jetty
Cooking pot Westbau EC at the bar in the dining room
Grand piano In the Dirigo villa on the 1st floor
Cancer Start -region in the "water" and then along the sea upwards until it will go no further there he is
Stuffed Elephant Windsor: room 006 (Equinoxs room)
Light heart Start in "Neon" area and then at the top railing until the middle along
Model buses Raimon main building 3rd floor in the office of Wintersea
Moon symbol In the "Sanctum" stage left from the field
Monument with Coat of Arms Hospital on the 1st floor
Rai Rai-lantern The Rai Rai-noodle shop in the mall
Roulette web The train at the "entrance" of the roulette Parks
Swing On the playground in front of the House of Windsor
Snowman In the "ice" area for the cave on the left branch
Pig statue In shopping district in the mall
Sun symbol In the "Sanctum" stage right out from the field
Stone monument At the entrance of Raimon Jr. High the stone structure
Tea table Windsor: Room 201 (Banyans room)
Tennis Balls On the west building in tennis cage at Raimon Jr. High
Tennis racket In the upper right corner of the shopping district in the sports shop
Table of counter stand At the Royal Academy in space of the resistance
Tons The barrel on the west front of the Raimon Jr. High
Pot cactus In the hiding place of the glass-clan of the cactus
Tunnel emergency exit In the tunnel of "Rise" left the door with the red light
Rotten Directory In the "sand" area on the site where you can endlessly go straight ahead and at the beginning comes out again
Guardian statue On the island Sanctum in luck Training
White limousine Before Dirigo villa
Whiteboard In the room the first eleven of the atrium at the Raimon Jr. High
Windmill On the island of Sanctum


The sun / moon symbol you can only shoot when you have made a connection to another version, to play against Team Zero. Otherwise, you don’t come to get the photos in the Sanctum Stadium. But you need these photos for players of Team Northern tooth or Southern claw.


Shirts Locations
Raimon-shirt Automatically
Kids Jersey Inazuma Kids FC (Mr. Veteran)
Prodigy-shirt Prodigy Grammer (Mr. Veteran)
Golden Oldies-shirt Golden Oldies (Mr. Veteran)
Milky Way-shirt Milky Way Charter (Mr veteran)
Almighty Faith-shirt Almighty Faith (Mr. Veteran)
Royal Jersey Royal Academy (Mr. Veteran)
Pirates Cove jersey Pirates Cove (Mr. Veteran)
Lunar Sea-shirt Lunar Sea (Mr veteran)
Alpine-shirt Alpine (Mr. Veteran)
Kirkwood-shirt Kirkwood (Mr. Veteran)
Mirage-shirt Mirage (Mr. Veteran)
Universal-shirt Universal (Mr. Veteran)
Olympus jersey Mt Olympus (Mr. Veteran)
Dragon-shirt Dragon Link (Mr. Veteran)
Templar jersey Black Templars (Maddie Tour)
Light-shirt Eternal Light (Maddie Tour)
Darkness-shirt Ancient Darkness (Maddie Tour)
Zero-shirt Team Zero (Maddie Tour)
Panda shirt Southern claw (Maddie Tour)
Hare-shirt Northern tooth (Maddie Tour)
Ivy Selective jersey Ivy Selective (Maddie Tour)
Stars-shirt From the 5 Vs.5 teams "Gamma slider" (on the "Raimon parking")
Chic jersey On the first tour Vladimirs lower chest on the way
Hurricane jersey In the attic of the Dirigo villa
Musicians jersey Of the 5 Vs.5 teams "Kabukicker" (in the "Neon" section)
Horror jersey Of the 5 Vs.5 teams "Ninjartisten" (in the "Royal Academy")
Flora-shirt Of the 5 teams Vs.5 the "old mate" (in the "Saints Stadium Way")
Terra jersey Of the 5 teams Vs.5 the "screamer glasses" (the "Hospital")
Stripe jersey Of the 5 vs.5 teams "Robo-stretching" (on the "Raimon parking")
Sailor shirt Of the 5 Vs.5 teams "Cosplay and Co." (In the "ice" area)
School uniform shirt Of the 5 Vs.5 teams "Hiking clouds" (in the "ice" area)
Flames jersey Of the 5 Vs.5 teams "Sonntag player" (on the "rise")

Must be on all jerseys with Mr. veteran said about it that you can get the kits directly in the story when you play against these teams, it is therefore a matter of luck.

The jersey collection is not complete yet, it still lacks 4-5 jerseys.


5 Players:

Name Locations
Base Automatically
Defensive Above the playing field in the Milky Way Stadium
Cube 5 vs.5 Victory in the Royal Academy of the "Hammer kicker"
Raimon 5 vs. 5 Victory in the shopping arcade of the "Glam; Glitter"
R Wing 5 Vs. 5 Victory in the parking lot of the Raimon "Gamma slider"
L-Wing 5 Vs. 5 Victory in the "roaring Aces" Raimon Parking by the
Straight 5 Vs. 5 Victory in the Sand Canyon of the "Glitter kicker"

11 Players:

Name Locations
Raimon Automatically
Children team Inazuma Kids FC (Mr. Veteran)
Standard Prodigy Grammer (Mr. Veteran)
Strato-case Milky Way Charter (Mr veteran)
Omni-attack Almighty Fayth (Mr. Veteran)
Royal Neo Royal Academy (Mr. Veteran)
Crab Claw Pirates Cove (Mr. Veteran)
Moon Wall Luna Sea (Mr veteran)
Avalanche Alpine (Mr. Veteran)
Tiger Bite Kirkwood (Mr. Veteran)
Phantom Mirage (Mr. Veteran)
Neo-cloud Universal (Mr. Veteran)
Elysion Mt Olympus (Mr. Veteran)
Thousand Dragon Link (Mr. Veteran)
Black Templars (Maddie Tour)
Shadow Wall Ancient Darkness (Maddie Tour) only in shadow
Light dance Eternal Light (Maddie Tour) only in light
Zero Team Zero (Maddie Tour)
Blue Sheet Ivy Selective (Maddie Tour)
Resistances The Shadow (name in shadow) in light and shadow, it is the 7 team on Sonny's Tour (top right)