Sometimes you need a little extra gold or extra experience points to create a section or to buy a special weapon. We tell you how to get them with the least possible effort for maximum result.

Earn Quick Gold

Fate Card "Greed"

Simple calculation: The fate map greed brings in maximum design a rich bonus of 40% more gold that you find. And the cost of fate points for this is rather low. This means you can pack in a slot each. That's 200% more gold.

Weapons of Greed

Also in weapons there is the prefix "greedy". Through clever Transmute you can here to values of + 116% and since your sidearms are even 232%.

Legendary Weapons

Also not to be sneezed at, the legendary weapons. The sword "Lady Luck" brings you 50% more gold, but with each critical hit you gain extra Gold. Fortunately that the Lady Luck also has a critical hit chance of 40%.

The oil gun is a good weapon to farm for gold. It offers bold 200% more gold.

Fast Leveling

Quite as high numbers as in your gold does not reach here.

Active curses

Pro active curse, you get 10% more experience points. Power as much as 50% more.
Ancient Weapons.

Weapons with the prefix "Ancient" give up to 56% more experience points. Two landscaped Ancient weapons that are 112%. This can live nevertheless.

Farming the legendary weapons

Legendary weapons you can unfortunately farms only in a roundabout way. Namely, through the weapons attribute "luck" or "extraordinary luck". Unfortunately you can not transmute that, so you have to hope, unfortunately, in the first place even find such a weapon. But when ye have time it is worth to use it:

With "extraordinary luck" can be found not only legendary, but generally more weapons can sell.


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