In Batman: Arkham Knight it's too dark and dirty. Gotham City is overrun by psychopaths; Batman has to make sure his worst nightmare and everywhere lurking death and destruction. With the latest patch / update for Batman: Arkham Knight, it is now possible to play characters with a cheat to gain enormously large water heads and limbs. We show you how you can unlock or disable the Big Head Mode.

Here is a step-by-step guide to unlock the Big Head Mode

- Press the two rear shoulder buttons on your controller, and keep it down. (L2 + R2 on PlayStation or LS + RS on Xbox).

- Now use the right analog stick and rotates it 10 times clockwise, completely around 360 degrees.

If all goes well, you see the result immediately. You can apply the cheat at any time during the game..

Help! How do I turn the Big-Head mode off / disable again?

With the Big-Head -Mode not only Batman's head is larger. Rather mutate his friends and foes to silly hydrocephalic. Even the simple bat-idiots on the street jiggling around with funny giant heads. If you are fed-up with the Big Head Mode, you can disable it in the same way again, as you began it.

Simply turns the key code on again and the water head-spook is over.


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