The update 1.6 brought an extensive balance patch, which change the armor and weapon stats. What are the best weapons in the game now? This question was answered by the YouTube user WOBO, who analyzed the stats every few months and impressed the community with his detailed results.

The Best Storm Guns In 1.6

In his diagrams he gives the time and the damage that the respective weapons do. The x-axis shows the time in seconds and the y-axis shows the damage in million.

In short, the increase of a line is the damage that a weapon will distribute within a certain time. The horizontal sections of the line represent the time when the weapon is reloaded.

The results of the storm guns:

The Urban MDR is clearly surpasses the other storm guns and is now the best AR. In the M4s, WOBO noticed a secret Nerf: the damage was reduced by 4%. However, these remain strong. The LVOA-C is only recommended for the M4 storm guns.

The Best Light Machine Guns In 1.6

With 1.6 the L86-LMGs were bluffed, but they hardly bring anything. They remain weak LMGs. However, the Pakhan and the Hungry Hog, remain strong. Because of their talents, the Pakhan is particularly recommended in the PvP, the Hungry Hog in PvE:

The Best Precision Guns In 1.6

With the snipers the SCAR-H remains the best choice in the PvE. In the PvP, the SVD is convincing. The Historian line already includes the damage of the exotic talents, which brings them close to the SVD and M1A. However, these have not equipped any talents.

The Urban MDR was listed as a semiautomatic weapon. In the case of the precision rifles, it is excellent too.

The Best Shotguns In 1.6

With the shotguns, the SASG-12s are still strong, but thanks to their unique talent the Medved is also moving forward. In the PvP the Super 90 is convincing. A combination of Cassidy and the Lonestar talents are exciting. Cassidy can now fire both runs extremely fast, with Lonestar you bypass the long reload time:

However, talents with the other weapons are not included here and the Cassidy with Lonestar requires a style, which may not suit for everyone.

The Best Pistols In 1.6

There are no differences in the guns compared to 1.5. The best gun for PvE is the X-45, first-wave version. In PvP, the Rhino Special is good.

The Best Machine Guns In 1.6

The machine guns now have the Critical Hit chance bonus. The MP7 is the best machine gun for PvP, as it gets a lot of damage in a short time. If you want to do good damage over time, choose the PP19. This is the best in PvE, but also the full-auto MP5 is good.

The Best Weapons In PvP

In summary, the best weapon in PvP is:

- Storm gun: Urban-MDR
- LMG: Pakhan
- Precision gun: SVD
- Shotgun: Super 90
- Pistol: Rhino Special
- Machine gun: MP7

Recommendation for PvP: Urban-MDR or LVOA-C.
The best weapons in the PvE

- Storm gun: Urban MDR
- LMG: Hungry Hog
- Precision gun: SCAR-H
- Shotgun: SASGs
- Pistol: X-45 First wave
- Machine gun: PP19 or Full-auto MP5.

Recommendation for PvE: Urban-MDR or Hungry Hog


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