Taylor Swift continues to unveil new songs of her new album, "Midnights", which will hit stores and digital platforms on October 21st. The most recent track released by the artist was "Anti-Hero", the third song of the album.


In a video released on Monday (3), Taylor said the song is one of her favorites and that she will visit things she "hates about herself".


"The third track, 'Anti-Hero', is one of the favorite songs I've ever written. I really don't think I've ever gotten that deep into my insecurities in such detail before. You know I struggle a lot with the idea of that my life has become unmanageable, and without sounding too bleak, I struggle with the idea of ​​not feeling like a person," she said.


"Midnights" will feature 13 tracks. So far, the artist has revealed six songs from the Midnights tracklist. See below:


1. -

2. "Maroon"

3. "Anti-Hero"

4. -

5. -

6. "Midnight Rain"

7. "Question...?"

8. "Shit Vigilante"

9. -

10. -

11. -

12. -

13. "Mastermind"  

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Checkout the new skins of the fourth patch 22.10 of season 4. This should be available in the store or the battle pass in the coming days!


Recently, Fortnite received Chapter 3 Season 4. The first real patch of this new season is being rolled out on the game and logically bears the name of update 22.10!


As always, this patch will add new features, which we don't know at the moment but as with each update new skins will be added to the game and the majority of them have already been leaked. Find out the skins of 22.10 on the image below:

Fortnite, New Skins, Shop Items, Update, 22.10

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In this short article, we’ll show you all the changes coming to competitive play in Overwatch 2 and also show you how to unlock this mode.


Players who launch Overwatch 2, after launch will have to play a guided tutorial


Players will need to win 50 Quick Matches to unlock Competitive Mode


The "Skill rating" is replaced by skill level divisions. Each level has 5 divisions ranked from 5 (lowest) to 1 (highest)


Your rank will no longer be updated after each game but after 7 games won or after 20 losses


Competitive skill levels will no longer be displayed before each competitive match but will instead display player name cards and titles


Your ladder matches will be your first 7 wins or 20 losses, instead of your first 5 games


How to use General Chat in Overwatch 2?

How to Unlock, New Changes, Overwatch 2, Competitive Play

Overwatch 1 players will have their previous Competitive Rank changed, not reset


New game reports are in the Career Profile, which provides a summary of matches played during your current session of Overwatch 2


The Top 500 rankings are largely unchanged but will be separated by entry pools


Returning players will have their skill rank adjusted faster to quickly place them in their appropriate skill tier


Blizzard is removing commemorative sprays and icons that players earn each season through titles earned by climbing the ranks


Bonus competitive points earned at the end of a season will be limited to your role with the highest skill level


An upcoming feature is a skill progress report whenever you get a competitive update

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Many Call of Duty Warzone fans are wondering if the mobile version of the game has a release date and if this is your case for the moment, no official release date confirmed by Activision.


The developers haven't given any information about the release date of CoD Warzone. All that is known is that the game is currently under development. However, the Charlie Intel site revealed a released date which is set at 2023 without further details.


Of course, this release date is only a rumor and not official, we will have to wait for Activision to communicate on the subject of the release date.

Call of Duty, CoD, Warzone Mobile, Release Date, When, Coming Out

While waiting to find out more information about CoD Warzone Mobile, don't forget that the version 2.0 of the game will be released on November 16 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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Before the official release of Hogwarts Legacy, a video “an (un)authorized guide to student life at Hogwarts” was posted on the game's social networks and reveals some useful tips that will help you to success your part as a student of the most famous witchcraft school!


Common Room Secrets

Search the common rooms of the different houses

Many secrets hiding within the grounds of Hogwarts and notably in the common rooms of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.


Restricted section of the library

Many books dealing with black magic are in this section and only a few students can access them.

However, you might want to go there during your adventure but be careful not to get spotted!


Defense Against the Dark Arts room

A black skeleton of an imposing animal is in Professor Hecat's classroom, be careful!


Avoid Peeves at all cost

The joker spirit of Hogwarts haunts the place and will not make your life easier. Try to avoid it at all costs!


Zonko's Joke Shop

Located in the village of Hogsmeade, the Zonko shop specializes in the sale of jokes and tricks. This address will come in handy during your adventures.


The Forbidden Forest

Of course, it will be possible to go to the Forbidden Forest in secret. However, dangerous creatures lurk...

Hogwarts Legacy will be released on February 10, 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC (Steam and Epic Games) 

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This error seems to be recurring one, as it was already encountered by many FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 players. If you visit the EA Answers, help forums, you will find that there is no official solution available but according to some users, you can do the following to fix this issue.


Close FIFA 23 and restart the game

Change the DNS of your internet network

Uninstall and reinstall your game if you have a sufficient connection, but this solution will be a last resort


If you encounter this problem, you can check with the FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account, which will inform if a bug is in progress.


How To, Fix, FIFA 23, Error, FUT Squad, Downloading Error

Finally, if you are still unable to connect to the game and there is no information available on the Twitter account or on the server page, we advise you to submit a service ticket on EA Help. 

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