If you play your favorite games on your mobile phone, you will notice that your device will eventually get hot and the battery will start to drain quickly. Here, we’ll give you some handy tips to fix them.  


Change the graphics settings in your game


Like PC games, many mobile games also offer graphics settings. So you can lower them. Of course you’ll lose some quality and the game doesn't look quite as pretty, but you gain some performance and in the best case the temperatures drop.


Give your cell phone a break


If your mobile phone is permanently exposed to high loads, this doesn’t necessarily make sense for your smartphone in the long term.


The longer you game on your phone without taking a break, the hotter the device gets. So take a break from time to time so that your smartphone can cool down a bit. 


Decreases the display brightness


A high brightness not only costs a lot of battery, but the temperatures are also higher. If you are mainly indoors and play on the couch or your bed, then lower the brightness.


Also turns off adaptive brightness. The sensor behind it consumes energy and also causes your cell phone to get warm in the long run.


With a lower brightness, you not only lower the temperature of your mobile phone, but also lower the power consumption.


Don't use your phone in direct sunlight


Your cell phone does not like direct sunlight or high outside temperatures. If you sit outside in the sun and play, you expose your cell phone to high temperatures. The cell phone cannot necessarily handle the additional temperatures.


So if you absolutely want to play outside, then sit in the shade or in a cool place.


Don't play while your phone is on the charger


When you charge your cell phone, the cell phone or the battery gets warm. This is also normal and cannot be avoided. Manufacturers often point out in the device manual that heat is generated during charging.


If you now use your phone to play at the same time, you will cause high temperatures in your device. You should therefore absolutely avoid playing and charging your mobile phone at the same time.


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Take the phone out of its protective case


Basically, a case or protective cover should protect your device from external damage such as scratches. If your cell phone slips out of your pocket or you are not paying attention, then such a case can protect a lot of money.


However, such a case is only of limited use for active gaming. Because many protective covers are made of thick plastic, leather or other thick materials. This is ideal for protecting your hardware, but is only suitable to a limited extent for "breathing" or active heat exchange.


Some cases are built in such a way that they neither let fresh air into your phone nor the warm air outside. The protective sleeves trap heat and block ventilation. Without adequate ventilation, the phone quickly becomes hot.


Uninstall apps that claim to cool your phone


There are plenty of apps for both Android and iOS that promise to cool your cell phone. They look attractive and promise a lot, but never deliver anything. Instead, such "cooling" apps steal your personal data.


It is therefore best to uninstall such apps and keep your hands off them. In addition, such programs mainly disable apps in the background. However, this is not advisable and puts more strain on your device than it really uses.

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The Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone season 4 is finally here, brining a new sub machine called Marco 5. If you are wondering what is the best Marco 5 loadout, class setup and perks, then below you can find the answer.


How to equip the Marco 5 on Warzone Pacific?


The goal of this Marco 5 class is to improve the control and increase its rate. This will help you to enjoy a more stable weapon when you are going to shoot.


Best loadout for Marco 5


Muzzle: Recoil Booster

Barrel: Imerito 342mm Custom

Optic: Personal Choice

Stock: Perfetto Esatta

Gun Accessory: Mark VI Skeletal or M1941 Handguard

Magazines: 36 round 8mm Kurz magazines or 48 round 9mm drum magazines (depending on your preference)

Ammunition: Subsonic

Rear Grip: Taped or Fabric

Perk 1: Unmarked

Perk 2: Fully loaded

Best Loadout, Marco 5 Setup, Vanguard, Warzone, Class Setup, Best Perks

As for perks for your character, we recommend picking up EOD, Overkill and equipping Vargo 52 and Amped to take advantage of one of the best classes currently in the Warzone Season 4 meta.


Finally, to continue with the idea of ​​the best class in the current meta, consider taking the Throwing Knife and Stimulants as gadgets.

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If you are wondering how to recruit characters in Fire Emblem Warriors (FEW) Three Hopes, well, first you have to get strategic resources.


How to recruit Byleth and Jeralt: In order to recruit these characters, first you’ll have to avoid the confrontation against them and simply do the main objectives. As you progress through the game you’ll get a notification that a new opponent has appeared at the end of the map, reach this opponent before Byleth and quickly defeat him before Byleth tries to recruit him.


Apart from the basic members of the Black Eagles house, you will also be able to recruit the following characters.


Constance - In Chapter 4

Hapi - In Chapter 4

Ashe - In Chapter 5

Lorenz - In Chapter 6

Ignatz - In Chapter 6

Balthus - In chapter 6

Raphael - In Chapter 7 you will need to have recruited Ignatz and add him to your party for the main mission of the chapter

Lysithea - In Chapter 7

Marianne - In chapter 7

Mercedes - In Chapter 8 having Jeritza in your party

Shamir - In Chapter 9

Byleth - In Chapter 10

Jeralt - In Chapter 10 as soon as you recruit Byleth

Three Hopes, Fire Emblem Warriors, FEW, How to Recruit, Recruitable Characters

Apart from the basic members of the Sapphire Lions house, you will also be able to recruit the following characters.


Petra - In Chapter 4

Constance - In Chapter 4

Hapi - In Chapter 4

Dorothea - In Chapter 5

Bernadetta - In Chapter 6

Byleth - In Chapter 12

Jeralt - In Chapter 12 as soon as you recruit Byleth


Apart from the basic members of the Golden Deer house, you will also be able to recruit the following characters.


Lindhardt - In Chapter 4

Balthus - In chapter 5

Holst - In Chapter 5

Bernadetta - In Chapter 6

Petra - In Chapter 7

Byleth - In Chapter 10

Jeralt - In Chapter 10 as soon as you recruit Byleth


Finally, as for Sothis, Rhea and Arval, you will be able to get these special units after having finished the game for the first time and by exchanging for each of them 60 points of renown. 

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Fortnite weekly challenges for Chapter 3 Season 3 are now available! These challenges bring you XP. However, some of them can be difficult to perform since they require you to go to specific places or perform unusual actions.


One of the challenges for this week asks you to “Max Your Shield at Temple”. But where are these temples located in the game? We’ll show you their locations!


To succeed in this quest, you will have to go to a temple! There are two currently in the game, which are also notable places however, their names are not indicated on the map. To find them easily, you can use the map below:

Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 3, Max Shields, Temple, Location, Map

The highest temple is simply called "Temple", while the one a little further south is the "Small Temple". Go to one of these two locations to complete the quest. Don't forget that once there, you will have to reach the maximum shield level! So don't hesitate to find as many shield potions as possible before going there. 

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Fall Guys (FG) is now Free-to-Play game with many new features such crossplay functionality, new season battle and new currencies. However, some players have been experience logging or starting issues. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to fix this problem if you encounter it!


Since FG is Free-to-Play and also it is available on new consoles such as the Nintendo Switch with the cross-play functionality, the game's servers are under very high demand and like many games, players have logging and starting issues. If you can't logging and play Fall Guys, you can try one of the following tips, but keep in mind that the best way is to wait and keep trying.


Fall Guys, How to Fix, Can’t Connect, Login, Start, Play, FG

Check your internet connection

Use a wired connection

Check Fall Guys Server Status

Verify your game files from the Epic Games app

Contact Fall Guys Support

You can also try changing game servers from the Option menu in Fall Guys and select a less demanded server.

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A new set of quests are now available in Fortnite, different from the previous weekly challenges that we are used to seeing! These are the “Island Hopper” quests and to join them you will have to go to different game modes. In each of these modes you will get a quest to complete, which will earn you XP.


To join Prop Hunt: Modern Mall game mode, you will have to use a specific code! To do this, follow the steps below:


Go to the list of Fortnite game modes

Click at the top of the screen on "Island code"

Enter the following island code: 1234-1679-1165


Fortnite, How to Join, Prop Hunt, Mall, Complete Island Hopper

Once it's done, validate to reach the Prop Hunt: Modern Mall. You will then be able to pass the requested challenge without worry, then continue with the Island Hopper quests. Five other challenges are to be completed in different islands, and will allow you to earn even more XP! Don't hesitate to complete them all to benefit from this advantage and find out different maps in the game.

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