In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run the latest vertion of the Minecraft 1.18 smoothly on PC.


First, let’s optimize your Windows

Game Mode - Off

Xbox Game Bar - ON

Don’t use any Overlay such as Discord Overlay, Nvidia Overlay etc…




Background Recording / Recorded Audio - Off

Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling - On

Next, make sure that your graphics drivers are up-to-date

Power Option: Balance or High Performance (Laptop users)


Now, let's talk a little bit about the launcher, so the launcher that I recommend for Minecraft is Lunar Client. It's not necessarily the best launcher but it's really good and it's fast.

Launcher Option

Allocated Memory - 3.0 GB 

Let’s go to the Launch 1.18

FOV - Normal

Video Settings

Best Settings, Minecraft 1.18, PC

Biome Blend - 3x3 (Fast)

Graphics - Fast

Render Distance - 4 Chunks 

Simulation Distance - 6 Chunks 

Max Framerate - 170 fps

Chunk Builder - Semi Blocking 

VSync - On

Clouds - Off

Particles - Minimal

Entity Shadows - Off

Entity Distance -100%

Fullscreen - Off

Distortion Effects - 100%

FOV Effects - 100%

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on 12/1/21

It's very simple to use a locker code in NBA 2K22. You just need to follow the steps shown below:


Go to MyTEAM COMMUNITY HUB from the main menu

Go to Settings / Options on the far right

Click on "Locker Codes" to enter the code


The code can be entered in upper or lower case, this is no problem. However, pay careful attention to dashes if there are any in the code!


Here is a list of active locker codes that you can use to earn VCs and MTs in NBA 2K22!


Temporary codes

How to Use, Locker Codes, NBA 2K22, Active Codes, December

BUILD-YOUR-EMPIRE-SUPER-PACKS - offers a Signature Series II, Flash 3, Flash 4, Alter Ego or Mystic pack (expires December 7)

NBA-PRIMETIME-6-PACK-AND-MORE - offers an NBA Primetime pack 6 gold sneaker boost or 1 token (expires December 6)

MYTEAM-FESTIVAL-THANKS - offers 5,000 MT, 25, 50 or 75 tokens (expires December 5)

MYTEAM-UNLIMITED-GAMEDAY-2 - offers a pack Mystic Deluxe (expires December 4)

2KTV-300-THANKS - offers a jersey (expires December 2)

THANKSGIVING-OPTION-PACK - offers Donovan Mitchell Amy, Blake Griffin Amy, Chris Paul Diamant, Nikola Jokic Diamant or Dominique Wilkins Diamant ( expires December 2)

THE-WORM-SEASON-2 - Dennis Rodman Evolution offer (expires December 2)

MYSTIC-TMAC-AND-GIANNIS - offers Mystic pack, badges or 2 tokens (expires December 1)

THANKS-BKN-BOS-2K22 - offers Mystic Deluxe pack and a one-hour 2XP token for MaCarrière (expires on December 1)

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In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to claim your Genshin Impact Prime Gaming rewards for December, 2021.


In order to claim your Genshin Impact Prime Gaming rewards for December, 2021, you’ll have to follow the steps given below.


To be able to take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber and be logged in to your Amazon account. The subscription will cost you $5.99 per month or $49 per year. As soon as you have your Amazon account and a subscription, you’ll be able to do the following actions in order to obtain the pack offered in December:


Go to the page dedicated to the Prime Gaming offer for Genshin Impact.


Then click on "Collect Now" to get the reward pack you are interested in.


How to, Claim, Genshin Impact, Prime Gaming Rewards, December 2021

You will then receive a code


Then go to the page dedicated to the Redemption Code on the Genshin Impact website.


Select your Server, then choose your character in the "Character name" section.


Now enter the code you got earlier on Prime Gaming in the "bar Exchange Code."


Finally, press "Redeem the code" to receive your rewards by message in the game.


There you have it, you will have collected your December rewards bundle which contains for the first one, 60 primo-gems, 8 lessons of the hero and 5 bamboo shoot soup.

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In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a snowman and unlock a new sword called “Cinnabar Spindle” for the Dragonspine event in Genshin Impact Shadow Amidst Snowstorms.


This is very easy task, just go to the Dragonspine Special training – tap over once to the tracker training. For this event you just need to melt eight ice crystals. You can do the first two events on day one. So I recommend just quickly complete them so that you have enough in order to make the snowman. It only takes you probably a minute or two to get them both done.


Another thing I recommend to use amber or unless you have a really good fire character to get this done very quickly.


How, Make Snowman, Unlock, Cinnabar Spindle, Sword, Genshin Impact

Once you’ve completed the two events just go into the menu again where the event is and then claim your reward. After that just locate the snowman on the map, when you get close enough to it it'll give you just a quick tutorial but over to the right is where you can make the snowman. Just select one item for each part and then save it.


Afterwards just go back into the event menu and claim your Cinnabar Spindle sword.

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After releasing a short update recently, the developer EA announced its plans for the second update of Battlefield 2042 (BF42). In the patch notes EA mentioned that it will be much more important and will affect in particular the stability of the servers and the balancing of the weapons. The developers have also revealed about the next 2 updates.


The release date for this update is set for November 25, 2021 on BF42. The developer has published a long article on its official website detailing the content of upcoming BF42 updates, including Update # 2 which arrives on November 25. Here is a list of the most notable fixes and changes in this update.


Server performance and stability: Fixed hitmarkers, classes on spawning issues as well as performance hardware issues on Xbox Series X / S and PC.


Gameplay of weapons and vehicles: Fixed aiming and Aim Assist issues as well as hovercraft health and Nightbird 20mm cannon damage. The scattering of bullets from shotguns, other than shotguns, has been reduced.

Fixes, Changes, Battlefield 2042, BF42, PS4, Update, Nov. 25

Experience gains in Battlefield Portal: Limitations in experience gained to prevent easy farming.


Other changes to the interface, matchmaking, Battlefield Portal, Hazard Zone


Electronic Arts also announced that Update # 3 will go live in early December. At the start of 2022, the publisher will also unveil what is in store for Season 1 of BF42.

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on 11/24/21

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to unlock or get Skull Fossil Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.


Fossil Pokemon will be available to unlock after you get ride of the first gym leader. Once you have done that you need to go to the underground man's house through the forest and then talk to him to get the explorer kit. This will unlock the underground. He will also give you a tutorial about that.


After you enter the underground you need to look on your map for yellow spots, you'll notice a yellow diamond. This is where you're going to be digging for different things like a fossil or a statue and stuff like that.

Unlock Skull Fossil, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl


So items that you're searching for are going to be random, so eventually you will find a skull fossil. Once you do, you just need to return to the mining town where you fought the first gym leader and go to the mining museum. Once you enter there just talk to the person behind the counter with blue hair. He's going to turn that fossil into a Pokemon. He's going to be a little bit rude to you and tell you to leave the building so just quickly leave and then re-enter to the building again and that will unlock your Fossil Pokemon.

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