In Dragonflight Magmotes, are kind of in-game currency that you can farm or get from the Obsidian Citadel. These allow you to unlock quests, titles and a Magma Snail Mount. Here's how to get and use them.


The Obsidian Citadel is a key endgame area of ​​Dragonflight. Many and rare resources can be found in this area. And one of those many resources is the Magmon.


This item can be obtained from most elites in the Obsidian Citadel area and you can only be exchanged them with Dealer Vexil. This particular NPC is part of a faction that you are normally hostile with, so find a way to chat with him.


To speak to Vexil, you must give Obsidian Key to Igys the Believer. Giving this key will allow this new faction to be able to trade with you.

How To Get, The Scrappy Worldsnail, Farm, Use, Magmotes, Dragonflight

Once you give Igys a key, you can talk to him to exchange your Magmotes for different items:


Worldbreaker Subscription: To become a Worldbreaker for one day.


Orb of the Obsidian Scale: To take on the appearance of Drakonids.


The Scrappy Worldsnail: For 1000 Magmotes, you will have a magnificent mount!


To collect Magmotes, kill elite mobs in the area. Find a group to be more effective, the best being to have 2 groups of 4 people. 

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Enkine the Voracious is one of the super rare creatures to face to collect some drops while waiting for Dragonflight season 1. In this guide, we’ll show you how to summon him.


To face Enkine the Voracious, you must go to the Waking Shores, the first area in Dragonflight. Close to the Obsidian Citadel, where you can collect Keys of Loyalty, you'll find a number of rare creatures to battle for gear.


Enkine the Voracious you’ll find in the west, behind the Citadel in a lava pool. If you can't see it, that's normal since it's hiding in the lava. To summon it, you must have Lava Spices (you will not be able to summon Enkine the Voracious without this item. To find it, it's quite simple since there are several creatures that loot Lava Spices. The easiest way is to find and kill Restless Lava creatures, you’ll find them in the south of the Obsidian Citadel.

How To Get, Summon, Enkine the Voracious, Dragonflight

When you have this buff, you must then use your fishing skill in the lava pool and wait for the monster to come out of hiding. You can then face him and hope to get some drops.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Buzz Lightyear, one of the Toy Story’s characters, as a resident in the Disney Dreamlight Valley (DDV).


First, you need to update your Disney Dreamlight Valley game to version to 1.2.


Once you have done that run the game and go to the Dream Castle, then head to the first floor and unlock the first door on the right-hand side to enter the realm of Toy Story. For this you need 7,000 Dreamlight. 


Once you enter the room, the Secret Mission in Uncharted Space starts and you can talk to Buzz Lightyear on the top of the table to the right. However, you need to find two AA batteries in the room for him.


Find Batteries


- The first battery is located between the green box and the toy stove.

- The second battery is on the floor to the left of the bed next to the bedside table.


Find Race Track Pieces


Your next task is to find ten Pieces of a car racetrack that are scattered around the room. (They are small plug-in pieces).

How To Unlock, Buzz Lightyear, Find Batteries, Toy Story, Disney Dreamlight Valley, DDV


Find Magic Growing Cactuses


Back at Buzz you should now look for five Magic Growing Cactuses in order to build certain sections of the track.


You then have to place the Cactuses on the shiny spots on the track sections and then water them with your watering can so that they grow. Then go back to Buzz.


How To Unlock, Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story, Disney Dreamlight Valley, DDV

Now, Buzz will give you a toy car to take to the ladder by the toy oven. A cutscene then starts automatically and Woody appears on the screen.


Buzz and Woody are now standing together by the window to the left of the bed. You must now take turns talking to them here to start the next step of the quest.


Find Bonnie’s Drawings


You should now find Bonnie's drawings, the magic growing cactuses and photograph them with your camera. Some of the drawings are well hidden in the room.


How To Unlock, Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story, Disney Dreamlight Valley, DDV

Once this is done, you can finally talk to Buzz and then leave the toy story realm. All you have to do now is place Buzz's home anywhere in the village and then welcome Buzz as a new resident in the village with the cost of 10000 coins. Then talk to him to complete the mission. 

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The Callisto Protocol is now available to play and in this article you’ll find whether the game is playable in co-op and multiplier.


If you are wondering like some players if The Callisto Protocol is playable in co-op and multiplayer, well, the answer is unfortunately no as it is specified in the PS Store game page.


Callisto Pro is purely and simply a single-player adventure with a linear story and at the moment it is not yet known if co-op or multiplayer feature will arrive in the future. 

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In WoW Dragonflight, Blood Tokens are a new War Mode currency that you can earn by fighting against other players, each character you kill get you a small amount of Blood Tokens.


The best way to farm Bloody Tokens is to wait for War Supply Chests that are dropped by planes regularly in Dragon Isles areas. These chests will give 200 Bloody Tokens for your first loot of the day, then it reduce by 50 for subsequent loots.


Here is the route we advise you to take:


Wait in the Ohn'ahran Plains for the first chest to arrive. When it's there, click on it quickly.


Then, quickly head to Thaldraszus to collect the second chest.


When it's done, you have 5 minutes to go to the Azure Span and get the third chest.


Finally, reach the Waking Shores for the final chest. You can return to Ohn'ahra to wait for the next cycle.


How To Get, Spend, Use, Bloody Token, Dragonflight
How to spend Bloody Token

Once you have bloody tokens, go to Thaldraszus to buy some gear. Here are the different prices:


Back, waist, wrists: 200 Blood Tokens

Shoulders, hands, feet: 350 Blood Tokens

Head, chest, legs: 500 Blood Tokens

One-handed weapons: 400 Blood Tokens

Two-handed weapons: 800 Bloody Tokens


A complete gear costs 3,950 Blood Tokens (except for fury warriors, which cost you 4,750 Blood Tokens).


You can also buy interesting war mode toys, parachutes and consumables.


The person selling you the Blood Token gear is the Fieldmaster Emberath, the War Mode Quartermaster in Valdrakken.

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The Ancient Protector is a rare monster in Dragonflight, and they are very popular for getting you 370+ stuff.


In this short guide, we’ll show you how to find or summon her.


The Ancient Protector can be found in the center of Tyrhold in Thaldrazsus. Its summoning process is a bit complex, so we will give you the order of things to do to be able to find it:


Go to Tyrhold.


Kill the Titan Defense Matrixes, large golden balls that move around the area to collect 5 Unstable Matrix Cores.


WoW Dragonflight, How To, Summon, Find, Ancient Protector?

Combine all 5 Unstable Matrix Cores to make an Unstable Containment Core. Once you have your new core, go to one of the large titanium reactors in the area.


Enter said reactor and click on the energy vortex in the center. Be careful not to be in combat.


Repeat the operation with all the reactors in the area. Once done, the Ancient Protector should appear in front of the stairs leading to the central platform of Tyrhold. 

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