Best weapons to save ammo in Once Human

In this post, we’ll share some useful tips on how to save ammunition in Once Human.  

In Once Human, ammo is pretty limited resource and they need to be looted or crafted. Crossbow will probably be your first ranged weapon to craft in Once Human. You can use it to kill deers that spawn in the starting area of the game and it is the most effective way to get meet. Using a crossbow to hunt them down is quite simple and it has the interesting feature of allowing you to retrieve ammo after firing it,—as long as you hit your target.

When using a crossbow, be sure to pick up your arrows after shooting. If you strike a basic enemy in the head, the crossbow will do substantial damage and eliminate them, even if they are in the first three regions. So, it's a relatively good starting option until you've built up some ammo reserves, provided that your shots are accurate.

Best Weapons, Save Ammo, Once Human

Using a melee weapon is another way to conserve ammo and you should never undervalue them. The majority of enemies in the early regions will die within three swings, and they don't attack often enough to pose a serious threat to you. You can naturally boost your own damage by eating well.

So long as you don't be overpowered by a group of enemy, you can usually defeat opponents with your melee weapon and save ammo. Another tactic to help you conserve ammunition for more formidable opponents like Elites is to sneak up on enemies and execute a stealth takedown to eliminate them instantly.

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