Best Once Human graphics settings, switch between worlds guide

The open-world survival game Once Human provides a unique experience with terrifying monsters and supernatural enemies. It is now available to play on PC and very soon on Mobile with a crossplay support.

Here we’ll give you the best Once Human graphics and in-game settings to improve FPS and visibility on low-end or high-end PC and we’ll also show you how to change worlds.  


Screen Shake Intensity - 0
Camera Distance - 15


Display Mode - Fullscreen
Resolution - Native   


Graphics - Mid
Max Frame Rate - No Restrictions
Texture Quality - High (depends on your V-ram)
Render Scale - 100%
Anti-Aliasing - Low
Shade - Low
VFX - Mid
Draw Distance - Middle (very low for low-end PCs) 
V-Sync - Disabled
Motion Blur - Disabled
Vegetation Density - Mid
Detail - Low
Best Graphics Settings, Once Human, Switch Between Worlds, Guide
This is how you switch between worlds in Once Human.

Sometimes it's challenging to find your way around in a new game in Once Human. There are many features to consider. Since Once Human has a vast universe, you might be curious about how to travel between them. Thankfully, it's simpler to travel and even switch between worlds thanks to fast travel locations like Teleport Towers. 

An important part of Once Human's online multiplayer features are its worlds. The creator, Starry Studio, has provided an explanation of their nature and operation.

Starry Studio stated that "each server is divided into multiple worlds in order to reduce server congestion." Within the same server, users are free to switch between different worlds. When you move worlds, all of the tools and stuff in your inventory will go with you, but the buildings you've built will stay in the world in which you started.

When a server is too busy for you to play on, you can play with friends by switching worlds. In Once Human, switching worlds is simple. Once you've advanced through the game far enough, you'll notice a certain kind of landmark on the map called Teleport Towers. An symbol of a signal tower designates these towers on the map. To "Change World," use the G key when you're close to them. The world you want to relocate to can then be selected. 

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