Adele 21 is one of the Best Breakup Albums ever

Adel's ‘21’ is the follow up to her debut album ‘19’, her voice captured me from the first time I heard it. It was an amazing album and I enjoyed most of it.

She has crafted wonderful songs for her sophomore Album 21, that shows she just gets better with age. She uses her vocal talents to serve the lyrics of her songs. She doesn't over do it like a Britney Spears. Adel tells her story of heartbreak and redemption with confidence and integrity as her music is written from her personal experiences, and as you listen to her new album you can definitely feel that.

Adele, 21, new, album, cover, review 1. The album (standard edition) starts off with her first single titled "Rolling in the Deep". This was the first single I heard from her new album, I instantly liked it. She has a great signing ability and it comes out in this song. The song is constantly thrilling and toe-tapping with an excellent drum beat.

2. "Rumour Has It" Up-tempo song, great drum intro mix harmoniously with Adele's full voice.

3. "Turning Tables" Amazing mid-tempo ballad with great keyboard and vocals, she does a wonderful job of keeping this one not only afloat but soaring.

4. "Don't You Remember” Soul song, deals about a breakup, high pitch voice (the way her voice rockets skyward on the chorus is perfect).

5. "Set Fire to the Rain" Beautiful passionate love song with great vocals & melody, it crackles with passion, and has a slightly greater tempo than its peers.

6. "He Won't Go” Smooth groove jam of a soul song with catchy lyrics backed piano ballads.

7. "Take It All" It is beautifully sung, still, soft,heartfelt and gorgeous to the ears. The song expresses the frustration of giving your "everything" to someone but it just isn't enough.

8. "I'll Be Waiting" Upbeat and fun. It fits right in with the break up songs, which is needed in the middle of the great number of ballads.

9. "One and Only" Another soulful mid-tempo love song with catchy lyrics, lovely keyboards and great rhythm guitar

10. "Lovesong" Adele covers the classic song, originally sung by “The Cure”. The guitar playing on this track is beautiful. The samba approach she used to present her personal touch to this song is fitting and makes it a wonderful track.

11. “Someone Like You” Closes the standard edition album with a great single. It is about trying move after breaking up with someone. It has a positive spirit about relationships. There is a maturity in her voice. It comes clearly on this track.

Overall, Adele delivers a lasting album that exceeds what '19' created. All the songs are wonderful. It's a great record that you can play from start to finish. If you hate break up songs then you won't enjoy this record.