Augustana’s New Album is Due on April 26

I remember the first time I heard Augustana’s hit single "Boston" a few years ago. The intro caught my attention immediately. There weren't too many bands at the time who used mandolin and accordion. Come to think of it, I don't know of too many bands now who use the mandolin and accordion as bravely as these guys do.

Now they are looking to continue their success on their upcoming self titled album Augustana, and I think they will succeed. Everything about this album shows they're growing up and enjoying a more sophisticated approach to their craft. It is full of touching songs and the lyrics still deal with heartbreak, life confusion, and similar themes from their previous albums, it reveals a more mature band.

Augustana, New, Album, cd, audio Some of my favorite tracks off this album:

“Someone’s Baby Now”
“Borrowed Time”
"Steal Your Heart"

Rest of the tracks on the album:

"Wrong Side Of Love"
"On The Other Side"
"Counting Stars"
"Shot In The Dark"
"Just Stay Here Tonight"
"It Only Means I Love You (You Were Made For Me)"

I must say that this is most likely the best album I have heard from them. From the first single to the very last, they capture my attention. It's not just an excellent album, It's a firm, organized effort that's simple to listen to and ahead of you realize it, you stumble on yourself singing along. They have come a long way since their first album. They built-up a great music, you place Jakob Dylan on front singing part and no one would notice the change. When I first heard their third album I was eager for more of instrumental type music as the band advanced, but this is a music that works for them.

Certainly, if you are looking for a come back to that feeling of their third album, then you will be saddened. They originate their music with Can't Love Can't Hurt, and it seems like they are attached with it. Perhaps that's why they decide to go with a self titled CD as this is Augustana.

This album will be released on April 26th, 2011 through Epic Records

For more information and to purchase this CD, please visit Augustana’s Official website