DJ Quik to Release The Book of David Tomorrow

I have been listening to Quik for over fifteen years now. Mostly west coast music has always been one of my favorites. Over five years since his last album, he is back with his eighth solo album. Being in the rap game and putting out albjavascript:void(0)ums for the past two decades he shows why he is a legend and a true west coast producer and rapper.

DJ Quik’s new album titled “The Book of David” has seventeen tracks, only four of them don't have guests so you don't get a great deal of Quik but enough of him to satisfy his fans. His lyrics aren't as filthy or funny as his previous work but he shows he's matured and spits some more real deeper. The production is done by him and as usual is a great work.

I felt DJ Quik took his time to put out this excellent album since his previous work Trauma (2005). Its been over five years and yet he can still maintain his vocal discipline. I like his electro-punk music like on "Real Women" which shows his talent and what he can work with. He continues that rhythm all over this album. DJ sounds great with penning his verses. "Killer Dope" is a single when both his lyrics and creation talent comes together. "Luv of My Life" and "Flow For Sale" are other numbers that come as one. He does re-establish that west coast music that a lot of fans have been waiting for. I wish this unlock the door for other west coast vet to return with some new materials, and The Book of David is an excellent CD.

DJ Quik, The Book of David, new, album Here is the track list for The Book of David:

1. "Fire and Brimstone"

2. "Do Today" (featuring Jon B. & BlaKKazz K.K.)

3. "Ghetto Rendezvous"

4. "Luv of My Life" (featuring Gift Reynolds)

5. "Babylon" (featuring BlaKKazz K.K. & Bizzy Bone)

6. "Killer Dope"

7. "Real Women" (featuring Jon B.)

8. "Poppin'" (featuring BlaKKazz K.K.)

9. "Hydromatic" (featuring Gift Reynolds & Jon B.)

10. "Across The Map" (featuring Bizzy Bone & Bun B)

11. "Nobody" (featuring Suga Free)

12. "Boogie Till You Conk Out" (featuring Ice Cube)

13. "Flow for Sale" (featuring Kurupt)

14. "So Compton" (featuring BlaKKazz K.K.)

15. "Time Stands Still" (featuring Dwele)

16. "The End?" (featuring Garry Shider)

17. "Quik's Groove 9"

This album will be released on April 19th, 2011 through Mad Science and Fontana Records.

For more information about this album, please visit DJ Quik at myspace