Fright Night: 3D Remake of the Classic Vampire Flick Coming Soon

Yes, get ready for another 3D remake of the classic Vampire Flick Fright Night as the original film ending was left wide open for a possible sequel! The Touchstone Pictures is certainly moving forward with a sequel to Tom Holland’s 1985 hit. Craig Gillespie is taking over the director's seat, and Marti Noxon wrote the script, and the film will hit theaters later this year.

Fright Night, 3D Remake, 1985, vampire, movie, dvd, cover Although the original film was released back in the eighties, it remains a classic and bone chilling vampire movie. If you haven't seen it and are serious horror buffs then you need to check that out. The cast, direction, plot, humor, horror, special effects and suspense are all great and it was cool way before "Buffy", "True Blood" or the "Twilight" saga ever came into the picture. It has not any of today’s technical wizardry that is CGI. It appears every film of today is soaked with it. In my opinion, I do not mind CGI if it is well made and in a fantasy part but so far, every effort to make decent fright effects in horror films have failed sadly, and I feel that CGI is aiding in the death of the horror genre.

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