Martin Lawrence Big Momma's House 3 on DVD and Blu-ray

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has recently revealed the release of Martin Lawrence's latest comedy, and the 3rd installment in the Big Momma's House franchise “BIG MOMMA'S: LIKE FATHER LIKE SON” to both formats (DVD and Blu-ray) on June 14, 2011. Both CDs will contain extra bonus features.

The film tells the story of FBI agent Malcolm played by Martin Lawrence and his son Trent played by Brandon T. Jackson who is a rapper wishes to follow a music career. He witnessed an assassination on Malcolm's stakeout, and his father enforced to go secretly at an all girls’ college and cover up as Big Momma (Trent and Charmaine). Trent’s father turns into the newest den mother to the Divas. Now it's up to Trent and his father to uncover the evidence need to put the killer in jail.

Martin Lawrence, Big Momma's House, DVD, Blu-ray, movie, cover I liked Big Momma’s House series. Those movies were silly at times but they were funny as well, and I enjoyed myself watching them.

If you are a fan of Martin Lawerence, then you will not be disappointed as he gives an outstanding comedic performance in this franchise as an FBI agent gone undercover as Big Momma. It demonstrates Martin's ability to keep viewers entertained as he changes characters throughout the movie. The film has a good story line, lots of laughs and fun for the entire family.