The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks - book

The Last Song was the first book I have read from Nicholas Sparks. It was about a disturbed young girl named Ronnie. She had lived with her mom and dad in New York City, but one day her father just leaves without notice and moves down to North Carolina. Then few years later, her mom by chance ships her and her brother down to her dad to spend the summer, so that they could reconnect. They have no idea why she is doing that. But this has changed in pace after she meets her heartthrob of Wrightsville beach, Will, and soon enough summer just becomes about her and Will. Even though her father is trying to reach out for her and reconnect with her, she shuts him down every chance she gets. Over the summer she goes through several emotions she has never felt before, such as love, pain, and regret.

The Last Song, Nicholas Sparks, Book
The author has a superb way of getting into his characters, which allows reader to fall in love with them. He broke the sections down by each characters viewpoint, so you could see and feel each character alone. Every section was immersed with a new piece of details, and a stable direction that moved the story along at a steady pace. His writing style is simple to read, and very descriptive with attention to detail. I felt like I was there with the characters along the journey.

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