Review of Tron Legacy - 2010

I saw the trailer for Tron Legacy when I was watching the SAW-3D in theater. The trailer really impressed me and really couldn't wait to see it. Since I am a huge fan of the original movie I had high expectations for the sequel when I went to see it in 3D.

The sequel picks-up where the original film ends, Kevin Flynn played by Jeff Bridges disappears. Twenty years later his son now 27 year old, Sam Flynn played by Garrett Hedlund starts searching for him. After an incident, he is given the keys to the arcade, and he goes into the grid world where his father has been staying for the past twenty five years. With the help of Quorra played by Olivia Wilde, they both embark on a journey across a beautiful and intense Cyber World. However, things aren't going well as it seems. Tron Legacy,movie, poster The program (CLU) that Flynn created to run the Grid became corrupt. This leads to the conclusion that the only things that can be done are stop the CLU and related programs, and get his dad out of the grid.

On the face of it, it brings a different experience...the visuals, as to be anticipated, are unbelievable, smooth, shiny, however gloomy technology that has merged to create a world of unforgettable, electronic loveliness, full of amazing black and neon that senses fake, yet genuine all together, as if this place actually be real in a world unlike from our own. Yet, on the narrative level, this movie senses as mixed-up as it's predecessor. The visuals and the world itself get the attention, and the screenplay senses rather meaningless, moving along lacking a better idea or sense, and when it's ended, it feels fairly unfilled.

Nevertheless, there is an unpredicted astonish inside the Sam and Quorra are believed to be the lead roles, it's Kevin and Clu who capture the attention, as they contribute to an almost spiritual bond, with Kevin being God, and Clu being the devil, who started out great, but in time required to dominate the Tron world. The connection among the two is enthralling and forceful to view, and I truly hope the film had paying attention totally on the two of them, and the design that the God of the Tron world has misplaced of his conception, and now has to deal with the consequence.

Overall, it is a great follow-up. Regardless of the poor story, it's incredible visuals, attractive connection among Kevin and CLU, and wonderful action assist to formulate it an entertaining experience worth seeing.


  1. I enjoyed it. Of course not as great as the original but still highly entertaining and visually stunning


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