Destroyed: Moby to Release Tenth Studio Album on May 17

I have constantly kept an eye on Moby's releases. He has had, at least in my book, it’s no surprise that his music has appeared in so many films, Television shows and commercials - he has a real talent for the cinematic theme, and if you like that side of him and the ambient "instrumental electronics” then you'll love his music. He is a genius, in terms of overall musicality and production ability, has never seriously been in query, he knows how to compose a lovely theme, and he has never been afraid to experiment and they are brilliantly displayed in his new album.

With his new album “Destroyed” nothing has changed. He has a way of laying excellent electronic beats with soft pop vocals into his songs. The first single off his new album titled "The Day" features the wonderful vocals of Moby and has a delicate flow to it.

Here is the complete track list for Moby's tenth studio album "Destroyed", which is set for release on May 17, 2011 through Little Idiot, Mute.

Destroyed, Moby, new, album, cd, cover, audio 1."The Broken Places"

2."Be The One"


4."The Low Hum"


6."The Day"

7."The Right Thing"


9."Victoria Lucas"

10."Blue Moon"

11."Lie Down in Darkness"

12."Stella Maris"

13."The Violent Bear It Away"


15."When You Are Old"

For more information about the album, please visit Moby's official website