In Your Dreams - Another great album from Stevie Nicks

It has been too long since Stevie Nicks fans have had the pleasure of hearing new music from this wonderful singer and songwriter, 10 years after releasing her 6th solo album “TROUBLE IN SHANGRI-LA” she is back with a new CD “IN YOUR DREAMS”. I’ve been a fan of her since she was a member of the FLEETWOOD MAC. The band achievement was the total of five talented individuals "Mick Fleetwood", "Stevie Nicks", "John McVie", "Christine McVie", and "Lindsey Buckingham", contributing to the whole. No one benefited more artistically from the collaboration than Stevie Nicks.

I enjoyed most of her solo albums including "In Your Dreams" very much. She is breaking no new ground here, but she has fine-tuned her singing talent to make the most of who she is, proves that she is still one of the best vocalists. Her new album is quite different than her previous work with a blend of the bluesy country ballads and many other genres she has entertained. It presents a wiser and more stylish Stevie Nicks. Though her music has always been good, her new songs catch hearts in a more personal level. Her lyrics are written and performed soulfully. Though more mature, her spiritual tone is still somewhat present.

The album starts off with “Secret Love" it features a strong vocal and it is about a clandestine affair back in 70’s. "For What It's Worth" a gentle folk type track with catchy lyrics and the guitar playing on this song is beautiful. "In Your Dreams" it’s an upbeat song with catchy lyrics. "Wide Sargasso Sea" a funky song, tells the story of a hopeless relationship. "New Orleans" it’s a wonderful mid tempo ballad, a tribute song to a city that is filled with energy. In Your Dreams, Stevie Nicks, cd, new, album "Moonlight" it is one of my favorite songs off this album, great piano ballads with catchy lyrics. "Annabel Lee" an excellent chorus with great drum intro mix harmoniously with Stevie’s voice. "Soldier's Angel" a truly gripping song featuring Lindsey Buckingham and the guitar playing on this track is wonderful. "Everybody Loves You" a great electronic intro, Stevie wrote the song in collaboration with Dave Stewart. "Ghosts Are Gone"an upbeat and fun song fits right in the middle of the great number of ballads. "You May Be the One" a great mid tempo song with catchy lyrics and has a bluesy feel to it. "Italian Summer" this song is beautifully sung by Stevie. It is a wonderful ballad about a summer romance in Italy. "Cheaper Than Free" closes the CD with a beautiful sentiment from Stevie.

Whether this is your first Stevie Nicks album or the latest CD in your Stevie collection, IN YOUR DREAMS is a wonderful addition to anyone's music archives.