Any Man in America: Blue October to Release 6th album in August

I was introduced to Blue October through the Breaking Dawn concert series. That became the start of my Blue October obsession. It was not love the first time I heard this band. I had to develop a taste for their music. The band has been together since 1995 and has managed to release wide range of music, but always carries a strong quality and powerful emotion to it. I have always had a soft spot for their first album titled “The Answers”, and each album that follows has shown the growth of this band. Though their earlier music is different from their new stuff, I have no preference and enjoy their music at all stages. The foundation of this band has always been the lyrics. Sometimes raw emotion and sometimes soft romantic love songs balance their albums out.

Their new album titled Any Man in America further shows the combination of the entire band into a team. The compositions are rich and emphasize the deep messages that Blue October continue to offer to so many of us. It offers something for everybody and is a great introduction for listeners new to this band.

Here is the track list for Blue October's 6th studio album "Any Man in America", which is slated to release on August 16, 2011 through RED Distribution.

1.Everything in A.M. Limbo

2.The Feel Again

Live video - Blue October - Feel Again

3.The Money Tree

4.For The Love

5.Drama Everything

6.The Chills

7.The Flight: Lincoln to Minneapolis

8.Any Man In America

9.You Waited Too Long

10.The Honesty

11.The Getting Over It Part

12.The Worry List

13.The Follow through

Live - Blue October - The Followthru

Blue October - The Chills