David Gordon's Newest Comedy Your Highness On DVD/BD

Universal Studios revealed the release details of David Gordon Green’s newest comedy Your Highness to both formats (DVD / Blu-ray) on August 09, 2011.

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DVD and Blu-ray releases will include the following extra materials:

- Digital Copy of Your Highness: - Unrated Version (expires 1/27/2012) (BD only)

- Damn You Gods: The Making of Your Highness

- Line-O-Rama (BD only)

- Perverted Visions (BD only)

- A Vision of Leezar (BD only)

- Feature Commentary with Video Intro by Director Gordon Green, Executive Producer/Co-Writer/Star Danny McBride and Stars James Franco & Justin Theroux

- Alternate Scenes

- Gag Reel

- My Scenes (BD only)

- Pocket BLU App (BD only)

Your Highness is directed by David Gordon Green (also directed the Pineapple Express and The Sitter) and written by Danny McBride and Ben Best. The film revolves around Prince Thadeous (played by Danny McBride), an idle slacker who doesn’t want to do anything apart from spending his nights with wenches and weed. While his brother Prince Fabious (played by James Franco) is brave and heroic, who has just arrived from saving his future wife, Belladonna (played by Zooey Deschanel), from an evil wizard called Lezarre (played by Justin Theroux). During their wedding Lezarre shows up and kidnaps Belladonna. The King, Tallious (played by Charles Dance) orders prince Thadeous to join prince Fabious on the quest to rescue Belladonna.

Your Highness is not for everyone, but if you are into adult silly comedies, then this film is for you.