Dream Theater (DT) to release A Dramatic Turn of Events in Sept.

Yes folks, Dream Theater is back with yet another album titled “A Dramatic Turn of Events” consists of nine tracks, and slated for release on September 13, 2011 through Roadrunner.

DT is more than just any band. It is a group of highly skilled musicians who show what music can truly become with just a little extra push. DT has been showing this to their fans for over two decades now. Their music may be explained as a mixture of a little bit of Pink Floyd, little bit of Rush and little bit of Metallica. They have a very special sound, great musicians, music is very strong very epic. They never got the respect or the radio play of other bands and still do not, many people never heard of them. I only discovered this band a few years ago, but I have come to like them almost more than any of my previous favorite bands. I have enjoyed every album they have put out since then to some degree. I am not one of the fans that want everything they do to sound like their earlier albums. I have enjoyed the fact that each album has its own distinct sound, and DT seems to be getting better with age.

Although Mike Portnoy’s departure "Disappointed" many fans, I am certain that DT will carry on despite of his absence, and the new drummer Mike Mangini will be much focused on.

Dream Theater, Mike Mangini, DT, A Dramatic Turn of Events Here is the complete list of songs off their new album A DRAMATIC TURN OF EVENTS:

1. "On the Backs of Angels"

2. "Build Me Up, Break Me Down"

3. "Lost Not Forgotten"

4. "This is the Life"

5. "The Shaman’s Trance"

6. "Outcry"

7. "Far from Heaven"

8. "Breaking All Illusions"

9. "Beneath the Surface"

DREAM THEATER - A Dramatic Turn of Events

DREAM THEATER - Breaking All Illusions

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