Bailout: Jess Walter’s The Financial Lives of The Poets coming to the big screen

Bailout is an adaptation of Jess Walter’s latest book “The Financial Lives of The Poets”. Michael Winterbottom is on board to direct the movie and Jack Black is slated to play the main role as Matthew Prior. Bailout is currently in preproduction and is scheduled to begin filming in August 2011.

Financial Lives of the Poets is one of the very best books of Jess Walter. It is well written, funny, creative, fast moving and most touching story. He does a wonderful job of mixing humor with modern life topics such as the economy and financial crisis. He never goes over the top, but remains rooted in a realism with which we can all recognize.

Jack Black, Bailout, movie The story follows a former financial journalist Matthew Prior, who gives up his day job in order to establish a financial website written in poetic form. Unfortunately, this venture has failed and leaves him with a mountain of debt, and he soon finds himself weeks away from loosing his house as well. Things have been hard at home - he finds his marriage less happy than before, his father, who is in the early stages of dementia also living with him. But he persists with his routine life - applying for jobs, negotiating with his mortgage lender, caring for the children, and the usual household chores. When one late night, he discovers a possible solution - wild and risky though it may be - to resolve his financial crises, he decides to give it a go.

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