The Hunter: Mastodon to release new album this fall

Fans of Mastodon will be glad to here that they're back and currently working on what will be their 5th studio album “The Hunter”, set for release on November 15, 2011 via Reprise Records.

Mastodon’s music is getting better with each successive album, and sounded notably different than anything they have released earlier. From their first album Remission (2002) to Crack the Skye (2009) they have proven to be one of the most reliable metal bands around. They are just not capable of making bad music, and it has gotten to the point where a brilliant album by them is matter-of-factly. But sadly, with such accomplishments leave equally as high expectations. Fans have to speculate one thing with their new album “The Hunter” can they match or perhaps even beat the quality they captured on their prior albums?

The Hunter, Mastodoncd, new, album, band, track, list, songs Here is the complete track list

1. "Black Tongue"

2. "Curl of the Burl"

3. "Blasteroid"

4. "Stargasm"

5. "Octopus Has No Friends"

6. "All the Heavy Lifting"

7. "The Hunter"

8. "Dry Bone Valley"

9. "Thickening"

10. "Creature Lives"

11. "Spectrelight"

12. "Bedazzled Fingernails"

13. "The Sparrow"

Bonus Tracks

14. "The Ruiner"

15. "Deathbound"

For more information, please visit Mastodon’s official website