Joe Wright’s Hanna due on DVD/Blu-ray in September

Director Joe Wright’s newest film HANNA will receive a DVD/Blu-ray release from the distributor Universal Studios Home Entertainment on September 06, 2011 and both discs will feature bonus materials, which is good news for those who never got the chance to see it on the big screen.

Hanna Heller (played by Saoirse Ronan) is a brilliant young girl, raised by “Eric Heller” (played by Eric Bana), her father in an isolated area of Finland. Erik has been preparing her from child to become assassin. He wants Hanna to slay a CIA agent Marissa (played by Cate Blanchett) who murdered her mother. When she is prepared, all she has to do is turn a button on the CB radio. Once she does, Marissa launches a lethal chase for them as they have been classified as dangerous. Hanna leaves the isolated land on her own to accomplish her task, and get on with her life, she faces one adventure after another while embark on a risky journey as she fights for her life and find out the hidden of her past.

Joe Wright, Hanna, movie,DVD, Blu-ray The most tremendous aspect of this film is a come back to shape, of kinds, for director Joe Wright; fairly speaking, as he had in the past complete a career from yielding verbal literary adaptations, but for the reason that his previous film, The Soloist, was a vital and financial collapse, so it's great to see him rock into a new path and present us back his superb directorial sensibilities.

One more notable thing about this thriller is the talent of the artists involved particularly Eric Bana’s exceptional performance. His part is fairly small, but I like to see him more frequently than not. Cate Blanchett does a great job as CIA agent. While Saoirse Ronan as Hanna shows that she is certainly no fluke. She is a strong character, a 16 year old girl fighting for her life and liberty; all while studying the ways of the rural and the real world in one massive mash-up.

The production design and special effects are great, and the soundtrack composed by the Chemical Brothers did a terrific job. It is enthralling, rhythmic, and takes you to the gun slinging world of Hanna in a moment of listening.