Portal 2 vs 1 - Valve Puzzle Video Game

Portal 2 (P2) is another grate game from the developer and publisher Valve. If you're an enthusiast of the first game (P1) or like puzzle games then this the right game for you as it will keep you entertained for hours.

The P2 picks up right where the first one ended, with a little bit of a flashback as to how the whole thing worked. Then the game perseveres with the wonderful ironic amusement and flawlessly planned challenges that just put together so smartly in every way.

The P2 expands deeply upon the first one. It has some of the previous game mechanics though still containing the steady learning curve which made the original game so easy to get to. P2 is also a bit lengthy game than the previous one, spanning numerous sections over different sorts of places and it has involved too many puzzles over the original game, mainly because of new toys for you to meddle with. Given that the game series is, from A to Z, a set of riddle playoffs, this part is very essential and it does not let down with the ingenuity of its riddles. I must say that for me, the puzzles in P2 are trickier and a bit easier to work out than they were in the original.

Valve, Puzzle, game, Portal 2 Graphics are amazing and solid in P2. They are upgraded from the first one. P2’s art style is unlike the first one. The game puts you straight into the heart of Aperture Laboratories. As a result, game gets you all over it facility. You are not restrained to particular test chambers akin to you were in the original game. The art style in P2 looks more natural than P1. There are many enhancements in the minor details. And, with esteem to graphics, P2 appears a lot smoother than the P1. Graphics enhancements are outstanding, from quality to performance.

Sounds effects / music are very similar to the P1. You’ll hear occasional music only when there is generally something going on, and if it plays in a riddle, it will regularly layer itself as you solve the puzzle. For instance, it perhaps begin with just bass and hi hats, and when you correctly set off a part of the riddle, the mids will smash with a admiring melody, and when all parts of the riddle are in lay you will hear a full song.

The multi-player selection in P2 puts plenty of prominence on teamwork, making it one of the great multi-players ever. It's uncommon to get a game where joint effort is a total requirement for any sort of achievement. Thus, P2 claims sociable collaboration and is a good mind teaser all together.

Overall, P2 is a great follow-up to the original game. It's suitable for both kids and adults; even if many of the hilarity perhaps lost on kids but they will still be glad finishing the puzzles.