Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D is to hit theaters in October 2012

Lionsgate and Nu Image are teaming up to produce and distribute the next installment in the decades old Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise in 3D. It is currently in preproduction and slated to hit theaters on October 05, 2011. Carl Mazzocone will produce the film and John Luessenhop may direct it. TCM 3D picks up where the Tobe Hooper's 1974 classic left off.

Hooper's 1974 TCM remains as one of the most excellent frighten movies of all time. He attained a total new level of violence that had never been reflected before and has never really been matched since. It continues to scare viewers, who are bold enough to watch and endure its horror. The simplicity of the story is amazing when taking into account its lifelong effect on horror movie viewers and the horror genre itself. The story is sickening enough to the viewer, but the way that it is showed to them highlight the horror that the audience experiences to the utmost degree.

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