William Gibson's Neuromancer Getting Big Screen Film Treatment

Seven Arts Pictures PLC and Prodigy Pictures, Inc. are teaming up to bring William Gibson's best selling Sci-Fi novel Neuromancer to the big screen. Jay Firestone will produce the film and the director of Cube, Cypher and Splice “Vincenzo Natali” is on board to write the script and will also be directing the project. And Bruce Willis may star the lead role. It is currently in preproduction and is expected to start filming in early 2012. The film has no distribution release date set yet.

Though the official synopsis or plot summary is not yet available for “Neuromancer”, but if you read the William Gibson's book, then you’ll know what to expect from this film.

William Gibson, Neuromancer, movie It tells the story of a cyberspace hacker “Henry Dorsett Case” who was hacking the cyberspace security system to access corporate data until he matched up his price of the stolen "materials" to that of his employer who supplied the necessary specialized software. But when he betrayed him, he robbed his ability to "hack" to cyberspace ever again. Case went to a city in Japan, and one day a lady named Molly visits him with a proposal. She is working for a person named Armitage who needs Case's earlier cyber- knowledge. In return, he will fix his neural damage. First they must reconstruct his previous cyber linked body and then need to collect another person “Peter Riviera” and finally they must go to a space station named Freeside where they will execute their task. Despite of whether the task is life threatening in orbit, the opportunity to recover the High is value everything to Case.