Adrien Brody’s Wrecked on DVD and Blu-ray

From the Academy Award-winning star of “The Pianist”, Adrien Brody, and the director Michael Greenspan, comes one of the most successful films of the year. “Wrecked” is an edge of your seat movie experience that tells one person’s harrowing tale of endurance. “Wrecked” will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on August 30, 2011 from IFC Midnight Films.

The film tells the story of the nameless person (played by Adrien Brody) who awakes in a car accident in the woods with a lot of cash, a gun and two corpses, one in the backseat and another one outside the vehicle, and no sing of human surroundings. He is badly wounded and jammed inside the vehicle with no memory. He doesn’t remember who he is or how he got there, his right leg is broken and trapped below the bent dashboard, and unable to open the door next to him. Adrien Brody, Wrecked, DVD, Blu-ray, movie As the day goes on, he makes a decision that the only person capable to free him is himself, and uses whatever is at hand to escape and to get to civilization. A few minutes in, he manages to free himself, that’s when he happens to hear on the radio regarding three men, together with Raymond, are hunted for assassination of a woman and a security guard, and a bank robbery. He begins to part things together as he attempts to cope with the idea that he's possibly a terrible criminal escaping.

The director Michael Greenspan really put a great deal of hard work and commitment to make the vehicle accident the following events look authentic. While the plot is not building up by any means and is wedged there in the core idea of survival and mislaying one’s memory. However, the actual state of the whole lot there has to be valued. Even the make-up truly facilitated to make the main character looks awful.

Adrien delivers an award wining performance here, akin to Ryan Reynolds in Buried and James Franco in 127 Hours. The film gives him plenty of time to showcase his acting talent and to make his role as authentic as possible. As he walks through the wild wood accompanied by a lost dog that could or could not be authentic, he gives this film his best, which is solid and keeps you entertained.

Wrecked Trailer