Bjork to release Biophilia in September 2011

Bjork has spent nearly two decades in the music scene, and now she’s returned with yet another album titled “Biophilia”, four years after the release of her sixth studio album “Volta” (2007). It’s partly recorded on an iPad, in addition to a regular CD release and, it will be the world’s first App Album in partnership with Apple. Biophilia is slated for release on September 27, 2011 through One Little Indian Nonesuch / Warner Universal records.

The first single off her new album titled "Crystalline" was released in June. It is a wonderful electronic song, begins slowly but it gradually gets louder and louder and makes you want to listen more. It really pulls the line between spotlight on tempo and melody, and I also sense like the music isn't attempting to achieve too much. I am eager for the rest of her album after listening to this one, where as earlier I sort of believed like Bjork might be changing in a route musically that I wasn't be able to follow.

Video - Bjork "Crystalline"

Bjork, release, Biophilia, new, cd, album If you ever speculate where the restrictions are in the music industry, then Bjork is the right place to be. She is frequently changing, making songs unlike any other artist out there, and does it so well with a style and class that is remarkably steady. Never listen to her songs once and say same old Bjork. They will grow on you and you will find her songs that are complicated yet gripping and pleading for your ears to hear all that is going on. Her voice is as charming as ever and the truth that she settles on to work out in the new frontiers despite of being the next Diva that she apparently could be, makes listening to her songs, for me, that much more exciting.

Here is the track list for Bjork’s Biophilia (Standard Edition):

1. "Moon"

2. "Thunderbolt"

3. "Crystalline"

4. "Cosmogony"

5. "Dark Matter"

6. "Hollow"

7. "Virus"

8. "Sacrifice"

9. "Mutual Core"

10. "Solstice"

For more information, please visit her official website: Bjork


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