Ghost on the Canvas: track list for Glen Campbell’s new album

Fans of Glen Campbell would be glad to here that he is back with yet another Country / pop album, and if you have followed him for the past 4 decades, his upcoming studio album, "Ghost on the Canvas," feels like just that. This could be his final studio album due to the illnesses of Alzheimer’s disease. "Ghost on the Canvas" is slated for release on August 30, 2011 through Surfdog Records.

He stays one of the very few artists to still have a major label’s support, and based on well earned, successful career, he deserves it. The level of his skill places him in a top league than present’s pop and country clones who look incapable to provide much of anything. Campbell's history will illustrate that this person not only played guitar for Frank Sinatra, but also has a talent in rock n' roll as an associate of the Beach Boys. The majority of his songs managed to reach the top ten on both the country and pop charts in 60's and 70's. With his soft tone and high vocal range, he took the strum out of country while turn into one of the best artist of that era.

Back to forty plus years later to 2011, here comes Glen Campbell at age 75 to demonstrate us the sort of real talent that most present top artists can only dream of having.

Ghost on the Canvas, track, cd, cover, Glen Campbell, New, Album Glen Campbell's Ghost on the Canvas track listing:

1. A Better Place

2. Ghost on the Canvas

3. The Billstown Crossroads

4. A Thousand Lifetimes

5. It's Your Amazing Grace

Live video - Glen Campbell "A Better Place"

6. Second Street North

7. In My Arms

8. May 21st, 1969

9. Nothing But the Whole Wide World

10. Wild and Waste

11. Hold On Hope

12. Valley of the Sun

13. Any Trouble

14. Strong

15. The Rest Is Silence

16. There's No Me... Without You

Bonus tracks

17. What I Wouldn't Give

18. Wish You Were Here (Jimmy Webb)

Glen Campbell Ghost on the Canvas

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