Green Lantern DVD / Blu-ray 3D release info and review

Warner Bros. is teaming up with DC to release “Green Lantern” to DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D on October 14, 2011. The Blu-ray 3D Combo pack will comprise 3D edition, the standard Blu-ray edition and a DVD copy of the superhero endeavor and the Blu-ray Combo pack will contain the High Definition edition and the DVD edition, while the DVD release will include the rendition of the picture.

The DVD releases will feature the following extra materials:

Preview of Green Lantern: The Animated Series

UltraViolet Digital Copy

Preview of the Justice League #1 Digital Comic

Theatrical of the Film

Green Lantern, DVD, Blu-ray, 3D, release, movie Review: I have never expected in a thousand years that I would be able to see a live action Green Lantern film. From all of the DC comics’ superheroes, Green Lantern was the one personality that appeared to be the least memorable and the most difficult one to develop into a single film. In addition to that most of his superiorities come out of the ring, which means that the Visual F/X would have to be such that they are conceivable and that the majority of the movie likely using a lot of effects. Fortunately, the required technology is now obtainable to create this a reality and as an outcome we now have Green Lantern in his own movie. My wish is that this possibly will lead to more individual movies for each superhero character in DC comics’, just like they have done with the characters of the Avengers leading up to the Avengers film which is slated for release in 2012.

Green Lantern official trailer

The film follows Hal Jordan (played by Ryan Reynolds), who is a test pilot chosen to work for the Green Lantern Corps. It is a group formed by the Guardians of the Universe that guard the whole universe to maintain law and order throughout the galaxy. Each Green Lantern is given an extraordinary ring that lets the Lantern to produce whatever thing they can visualize. It is operated by willpower and the things it builds are only as superior as the willpower of the Lantern utilizing it. This movie deals mostly with the 1st human Green Lantern and provides us a vast introduction to the Green Lantern Corps as well, the Guardians, and their most horrible rival Parallax.

Generally, I was quite satisfied by the tale they said about the foundation of Earth's first Green Lantern. I think Warner Brothers did a wonderful job of selecting Ryan Reynolds to cast the lead role instead of go with their original proposal of casting Jack Black as Hal Jordan. Ryan Reynolds was in fact quite good as the title hero, though Mark Strong captured my attention as Sinestro. I can't think of any other one that could have come close to his acting and I believe that this film does well enough to justify a follow-up. The most excellent parts of this movie were those dealing with the Corps and all of the views captured on the Lantern home planet of Oa. If only they had placed in the sights relating Hal discovering Abin Sur and his ruined space ship and Hal lastly getting hold of the ring, but when he visits to Oa to start his education about the Corps, the action must be sustained to have Hal and the total corps clashing Parallax then have Hal return to Earth as it's guardian. I was not convinced by the following Hal return from Oa when he makes up his mind that he doesn't want to take on the responsibility of the Green Lantern. They could have simply produced the basis tale that took place on Oa and was only on Earth for the opening and conclusion of the movie.

That being said, I was still amazed by what they did manage to produce and the overall tale that they revealed.