Just Dance Kids 2: new JDK2 support on Xbox PS3 and Wii

Ubisoft recently revealed the Just dance Kids 2 (JDK2), a follow-up to its best selling dance rhythm video game for kids. The owners of Xbox 360 (Kinect) and the PlayStation Move will be happy to hear that the new JDK2 will support those two platforms in addition to Nintendo Wii. The game is slated for release on October 25, 2011.

This dance rhythm video game is designed mainly for the younger age set, and also grownups can enjoy in spite of their age and gender. This is the ideal video game for those who love doing something fun together with their kids, just play single track until you catch the moves properly and then go to the next song. It also forces children to get up and move instead of just laying in front of the TV. It is a great help to burn off some calories especially during rainy days or when they have less outdoor activities.

The new Just dance Kids 2 features more than 40 songs contain many current and classic pop hits so there is something for everyone. The tracks in JDK2 will be familiar to even the youngest players and the lyrics are displayed at the bottom of the screen so you can sing along. The Just dance Kids 2 track list includes the followings: (most of the songs are sung by children)


1. "Accidentally in Love"
2. "Alright"
3. "Are You Sleeping (Frere Jaques / Pulgarcito)"
4. "Barbara Ann"
5. "Party Goes Down"
6. "Burnin' up"
7. "Crocodile Rock"
8. "Despicable Me"
9. "Dumb Love"
10. "Itsy Bitsy Spider (L’araignee Gipsy / Witzy Witzy Arana)"
11. "Feeling Good"
12. "Five Little Monkeys"
13. "Follow the Leader"
14. "Girls Can Too"
15. "On Our Way"
16. "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Tete epaule genoux pied / Cabeza hombro rodilla y pie)"
17. "Hold Still"
18. "I Am A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song) (Je m’appelle Funny Bear / Osito Gominola)"
19. "I'm Gonna Catch You"
20. "Intuition"
21. "Istanbul"
22. "Jingle Bells (Vive le vent d'hiver / Navidad dulce Navidad)"
23. "Jump Up!"
24. "Just The Way You Are"
25. "Lollipop"
26. "Love Me"
27. "Mah Nà Mah Nà"
28. "Positivity"
29. "Rocketeer"
30. "Shake Your Groove Thing"
31. "Something That I Want"
32. "Song 2"
33. "Start All Over"
34. "Summer School"
35. "The Hokey Pokey (Je mets le doigt devant / I Put my Right Foot In)"
36. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight (The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Dormido está el león)"
37. "The Robot Song"
38. "The Shimmie Shake!"
39. "Hand in Hand"
40. "Whip My Hair"

The game gets full benefits of each motion control platform, providing each with an exclusive feature and skill for the gamer. JDK2 also introduces a new game feature called Nonstop Shuffle for all three platforms, where gamers can play it for selected duration without having to press any keys or search through menus for nonstop play.

If you have young children age range (3-10) then purchase this one, you will probably not let down. All ages will like just dance series, so don’t miss to check that out too.