World War Z: Brad Pitt's newest movie gets a release date

Fans of Max Brooks will be excited to hear that his most famous and best selling novel of 2006 “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War” gets a movie adaptation. Brad Pitt is on board to produce the film and to play the lead role of Gerry Lane. World War Z is currently in production and the film is slated for release worldwide on December 21, 2012 by Paramount Pictures.

Although the official plot or synopsis is not yet available for “World War Z”, but if you read the Max Brooks’ novel, then you’ll know what to expect from this movie.

upcoming movies, brad pitt, new, World War Z, release“World War Z” tells a story about what happens when a zombie virus infects the human population. It is a collection of interviews and narratives from various survivors of the zombie infection which began someplace in China, swept the earth and almost destroyed humankind. We not only have the sense of hearing from the combatants, politicians and scientists of what turned out to be a weird world conflict; we also find some insight as to how the common held out and assisted to strike back the vast numbers of ghouls who were rapidly clawing at every gate and wall. It's not only the physically tough, fast witted and well prepared who survived but also a few of those that we would obviously believe to be easy pickings for the zombie: housewife, little man, tech geek, the handicapped and house pets who were misplaced or isolated in the confusion and panic during the early days of the virus spread.

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