Robopocalypse movie sets for 2013 release

DreamWorks Studios is teaming up with 20th Century Fox to bring Daniel H. Wilson's best selling novel “Robopocalypse” to the big screen on July 03, 2013. The film rights were acquired by Steven Spielberg before Wilson's book was even published, and he is on board to direct the film while Drew Goddard will write the screenplay for it.

No information has been revealed yet for the film cast and the plot but the book tells the story of how the machines have taken over all domestic and routine jobs. They are employed as stewards, nannies or even forces agents in hostile places. Manufacturing cars, robots and waste trucks all work on their own and vehicles drive themselves with less people interaction. They are even utilized as sexual and emotional companions. It is a much plugged in world.

Robopocalypse, movie,  2013, releaseThe robotic apocalypse is organized by a distinct central super computer “AI” that identified itself as Archon. It follows a number of diverse people that the robots pursued during the war and piled up their exploits in a record that was tagged "Heroes". This record widens the clash from the first few occurrences to the mount of the robots to the last combat in Alaska. Some of the human tracked are everyday people that are not aware of the doom that is awaiting them, some of them who declined to give in to the machines and some are unconcerned to what is happening until they are required to confront themselves and the situation that they are in.

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